Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Achieve The Perfect Hair Bun!

Using The Scunci Bun Maker!
(Pictured Below)

Here is my Step-By Step Guide!

Step 1:
Pop your hair into a normal pony tail. Can be any height you choose.
Step 2: 
Place the bun maker around your hair tie. Don't worry if it a bit loose.
Step 3:
Spread your hair around the bun maker. You can do this in sections, but also works pulled around all at once as I have done.
Step 4:
Secure hair around the bun with Bobby Pins.  You can use extra if needed but I found the four provided in this pack was surprisingly all I needed.
Step 5: 
Spray with hairspray for extra hold and to smooth down any fly aways.
(I have not used any hairspray or any other products in the photos above)

Too easy! 
Literally only takes 2 minutes!

You can also watch how to achieve this look in the video below!
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What hair style are you loving at the moment?

Let's follow each other!

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  1. Great step-by-step lovely :) I hardly ever use these but they're so quick when I do.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Thank you. I'm new to using this, but it's been great not having to spend a lot of time creating an interesting and different kind of look than I normally sport. xo

  3. Beautiful, I must try this especially because I'm terrible with buns haha

    1. My buns usually look terrible too, this makes it look so much more put together and elegant without being OTT! :)

  4. That is a perfect bun, Mine never look that nice.