Monday, July 28, 2014


~ Follow Up Reviews ~

- Second time results!
Second Review #Dark Brown 4.0
Following the first time dying my hair with this hair dye in the dark brown 4.0, the second time around was a pretty similar experience.
The colour is almost identical to my natural shade so I have been happy with no noticeable regrowth. I haven't noticed the colour fading at all, which has been excellent. It covered my few stray greys, although when it came time to dye my hair again after a few weeks, some sneaky new ones had suddenly appeared. :*( So I don't know if that is from the dye wearing off, or just new ones growing.
I noticed after this second round, by the time I was ready to dye my hair again and the conditioning cream provided in the box had been long used up, only after using it again did I realize just how much of a difference it makes to my hair!! Looking back over my first video review, I think you can see the difference in my hairs texture before and after dying really obviously. My hair took to it so well, I feel like the no ammonia and flower oils also helped make such a positive difference in the dye itself. My hair became once again super smooth, soft and very shiny and healthy looking! It felt so good! Again I used two boxes to complete the job, using about 3/4 the amount of the second box.
Any slight drips onto my skin didn't stain and simply washed off in the shower. I didn't get light headed or anything like that from the fumes, because there weren't any. No irritation at all and I found it even easier the second time around after already using the product once before.
Super duper impressed & very happy with the results!

- Third time results!
Will Continue To Use!
This is my 3rd and final review as part of the Trial Team for this product. I've now dyed my hair for the 3rd time in the shade 4.0 Dark Brown which is almost exact to my natural shade.
I found for the first time I only used just one box instead of 2 previously as I found the colour hadn't really faded at all and since my roots were almost exact I didn't need much touching up. I did still have the odd grey popping through so I mainly focused on getting as much dye as I could manage soaking into those nasty little hairs!
Throughout this whole experience, since the beginning my hair has remained in a much better, more noticeable condition. I have really noticed the difference at how shinier my hair looks and it just overall feels healthier, I've even received quite a few compliments from family and friends at how good my hair is looking and what I'd done to it!! :D
I would love to see Garnier supply or release a larger tube of the conditioning treatment supplied in the box as I just LOVED it! If I could purchase a larger bottle of it or similar I would use it all the time!
I've decided to keep the upkeep and colour maintenance of my hair with this product as the colour really suits me and my skin tone. I feel like it is a big improvement from the two toned ombre effect I had going on before!
Will continue to use and purchase! LOVE IT! :)
*thumbs up!*

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* This product was kindly sent to me for review for the Beautyheaven video trial team
* All opinions & photographs are my own


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