Sunday, October 25, 2015


~  The Doll Connection  ~
Blogger/Vlogger Event

Blogger events in Australia seem to be growing as the world of beauty, fashion & lifestyle
blogging and vlogging grow at a rapid rate. Since beginning my Youtube channel way back in
2010 I have seen the handful of #beautyguru's expand from what only felt like the US in the 
beginning to now having quite a few big names right here at home in Oz.

The Doll Connection was held here in Brisbane yesterday on the 24th of October at The Stock
Exchange Hotel in the city which I had never been before and was also very keen to head from the
south side over to the city for the day as I don't often get the chance to and I LOVE THE CITY! :)

Since this was my first time attending a blogger event and not ever having met any of the other 
beauties attending in real life my anxiety was on a high note but I still really wanted to go to network
and meet many of the beautiful and talented ladies whom I have connected with online, but never in
the flesh. So a big massive 'Thank you!' goes out to my fellow blogging sis who agreed to come along
to keep me company and she said she ended up having a great time and she even won a prize! (A 
huge basket of goodies from Harvest Garden!).
Me & my sis! #besties

My sister's generous gift basket of goodies she won from The Harvest Garden!

The brands who attended the event included - 
V10 Plus, Wardrobe Warriors, Arbonne, BotanicES, The Harvest Garden, Sunsense, Cocosun.....
The ladies from Cocosun!                                       Me with the gorgeous Rhiannon from Arbonne!

Additional brands/companies who donated product for goodie bags/prizes included -
Lush, Benefit Cosmetics, Tanezze Australia, Mr.Blanc, Hydralyte, Summer Salt Body, Kosmea
Australia, Beginning Boutique, Plunkett, Eye Of Horus, Scunci, VS Sassoon, Furless, People For 
Plants, Sukin, Apollo's Day Spa, NYX, Rimmel London, People For Plants, Pukka Teas....

So many amazing companies to meet, learn about and try their products! 
I was especially excited to actually meet the lovely people from both BotanicES & The Harvest
Garden to whom I have recently been working with. :)
Meeting the very lovely Christelle from BotanicES!           The Harvest Garden's delicious display!

I feel so lucky with the gigantic goodie bag and all the goodies we received!
Here is a pic of everything I lugged back to the car with me!
Goodie bag haul video coming soon! :)

I was lucky enough to win a few super fun prizes as well! :)

And of course getting out of my comfort zone (I am naturally very shy!) and making sure I made
a big effort to meet, chat and take selfies with as many attendees as possible. Unfortunitely I didn't 
get pix with everyone I met (next time!) and I cannot wait to catch up with so many of them again!
From top left to bottom right - Celiaspainmua, Rachelleea, DaniTheGirl_xo,
BrittanyJones, Kels_Sarah, Pynkbunnyy & A Bella Adventure!

Have you ever attended a blogger/vlogger event?
Were you at The Doll Connection yesterday?        

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were gifts from The.Doll.Connection blogger/vlogger event
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. Love this post! Was the inflatable hard to inflate? I haven't done it yet because I don't know where in my room I'd place it, but it's so cute! :D I can't wait to do my full post when I have a day off argh XD

    1. Thanks Athy! :) Uh well it did take me while and I got a bit light headed blowing it up. haha Couldn't be bothered digging out my old foot pump! :P Mine is currently living in my lounge room being continously fought over by my 2 kiddies. #funtimes

  2. How cute is your blog looking!!!! What a fun event!! You look gorgeous as usual!!!

    1. Aww thank you so much! xx Yes it was a lot of fun, I would love to meet you at an event one day too! :D #morebloggereventsplease ;)

  3. It was such a great event and such a valuable networking opportunity! It was fantastic to finally meet you. Can't wait to catch up again at the next event ♥

    1. I agree. There is nothing better than actually meeting the companies/brands and fellow bloggers face to face. I loved finally meeting you as well, the next event should be a lot less nerve racking now (at least for me!) now we know some people. :D

  4. So glad you had so much fun Candy - love this post, and particularly the pics. You look as gorgeous as ever, and it was great to see the pretty faces of A Bella Adventure and Pynkbunny xxx

  5. I've never attended a blogger event! One day I will. Looks like you had a ball, and it's great to be able to put a face to the names from your photos! :)