Wednesday, August 10, 2016



I looooove me a good subscription box! Getting that little thrill when it arrives in the mail and 
opening it up not being 100% sure what I'll find inside is a great thrill and a treat which does not
happen often enough!

A few months ago I attended the ever famous Aussie Bloggers United event here in Brisbane and 
amongst the endless amount of goodies galore we were fortunate enough to lug home with us was 
this Good Green Box! Needless to say I was super doper excited to see what was inside!

I love that this box is all about being green and supporting those brands who follow suit.
 I like to think I have a close bond with the earth, being an earth sign (Capricorn) and all. I am also a 
strong believer in the Fae, so being kind to the planet and doing my little part is important to me. :)

So let's just see what we have here! Seven different products all together. Some I have tried before 
and others are completely new to me. Not disappointing at all, I like the look of this array of choice!

Manuka Biotic Naturally Purifying Face Cleanser
This cleanser contains Witch Hazel & Green Tea Extract, Manuka & Kanuka Oil as well as 
Glycerine. This cleanser is said to be both antibacterial and anti ageing. I like to sound of that!
Sad it is only a small sachet, however keen to try it out and happy to know I can purchase this 
directly off the Good Green Box website is I like it as well as other Manuka Biotic products.

Vegesorb Moisturiser
I am excited to learn that this is actually not only an Aussie company, it is also a Brisbane company!
So nice to discover a brand so close to home.

This product contains natural almond and apricot kernel oil, which soaks right into the skin so easily
and does not just stick to the surface. It is also colour and fragrance free, great for sensitive and even
babies skin.

WotNot Facial Wipes
This is a product I have used many times before. This is the perfect makeup remover wipe. So gentle
on the skin and doesn't strip the skin either. Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

I like the shape of this wipe. It is a good medium size and thickness with just the right amount of
 moisture. Certified organic ingredients and 100% biodegradable! 

Beauty and the Bees
Madagascar Island Flowers Soap - This smells completely gorgeous, like a huge bunch of mixed
florals. It is quite a strong scent for such a little sample soap size, but it is so nice I can't stop smelling
it! Contains a mix of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rose & Marigold. Does that not sound just so lovely?

Beer Shampoo - Here is an interesting product for you! I have heard about people using beer as a 
rinse in hopes of more shiny hair. (Haven't tried it, but apparently is works!) This one is gender
neutral and contains Tasmanian Beer, Olive & Caster Oils, Coconut, Beeswax, Leatherwood, 
Essential Oils, Tasmanian Hops & Mount Wellington Spring Water.

MooGoo Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner
Here is a brand I feel is making traction in the market as I seem to keep seeing it everywhere lately!
Looking into it, it looks like a great brand actually and I am so excited to try it for the first time!

Can be used on both wet or dry hair which is so convenient for me being a busy mum. I can easily 
just pop a pea size amount into the ends during my morning routine as I start the day!

Contains Vitamins E, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Milk Protein, Olive Oil, Water, Fragrant Oil & more.

Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant
I am familiar with this brand and I am fairly sure I have tried a sample of this product before.
I love facial and body exfoliants and use them almost daily as I feel like me body builds up dead skin
cells quickly and I love the feeling of fresh new smooth skin after a good scrub. Makes such a 
positive difference to the appearance of my skin!

This product is 100% naturally derived and contains a mix of crushed walnut, loofah, shells and rice
bran. Sanctum is a strong believer of testing only on humans, not animals! Love! 

Suvana Natural PawPaw & Acai Balm
Here is a new brand to grab my attention. This lip balm is super moisturising and great for those
winter chapped lips! Can be used anywhere on the body and can also be used to treat minor burns,
cuts and grazes.

Contains a mix of 100% all natural goodness including - Beeswax, Coconut & Castor Oil, Stevia,
Cocoa Butter and Papaya Extract.

So there you have it! Which product do you want to try the most?

The Good Green Box can be purchased for the prices below.

One off box - $25.00
Sign up for 3 Boxes - $70.00
Sign up for 6 Boxes - $130.00

FREE Shipping Australia Wide.

Sign up here!

Let's follow each other! 

*I was gifted this box at a Bloggers United Event in Brisbane
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. What an amazing concept! Shame it's australian and so far from me though, I love discovering brands like this.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. I am fairly sure they do ship internationally, maybe check out their website and try signing up? I love their concept as well. :D