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By: Australis Cosmetics!

So every now and then there is a beauty product that has everbody talking. This is one of those
products. Raved about by beauty gurus, bloggers & vloggers all over Australia. A brilliant must 
have staple item perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The kit makes the confusion around
contouring simple. Broken down into 9 thouroughly explained, easy to follow steps using the 6
skin toned shades inside.

Now, if you're new to the art of contouring, let me break it down for you.
Contouring is a bit like magic. When done properly it can give the illusion of the perfect face.
Perfectly highlighted with chizzled cheek bones, a slimmer nose, face and that double chin, what
double chin? Know what I mean? If you've ever wondered how some women can transform them
selves with makeup and look almost unrecognizable, then you can bet your bottom dollar (along
with other makeup & other clever tricks) they've contoured the heck out of their whole face!

Ahh! Pretty packaging!!
RRP: $16.95 (Buy!)

Not to be confused with a similar looking Concealer Palette, which is designed to combat any redness, dark circles and imperfections 
on the skin.  The Contour Palette does a totally different job, yet both are brilliant essentials I recommend investing in your makeup collection. They are perfect to someone starting out in makeup who just want to concerntrate
  on getting the base right before delving into wearing loads of or any makeup. Without 
getting your base right, the icing on the cake will never look anywhere near as good as it could.

Just play around with products, practice and see what shades and techniques work for you.
You'll get there & with the help of products such as this one who break it down for you with
step-by-step instructions and pictures, you'll be contouring like a pro in no time! :)

From top to bottom/left to right as the palette shows above.

I'll admit taking the time to contour my whole face everday is not something I always do.
I am a busy mum of 2 toddlers so getting to spend time on my makeup is a treat.
However, this palette has so far changed my life as it makes contouring to much quicker
with all of the shades I could ever need all in one place! 

I feel like this has really helped my to perfect my base before applying the rest of my makeup
and it actually looks really natural on the skin and doesn't cake up with all the layers as I'd feared.

Do you contour?
What products do you recommend giving a go?

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  1. I have this and Iove it! <3 It's literally amazing. but I never use the darkest brown colour because its way too dark for my pale skin tone