Monday, March 30, 2015



3Q Hair Dryer!

Recently I was asked to participate in VS Sassoon's 'Beautiful Hair Challenge' using thier new
3Q Hair Dryer. Of course I want more beautiful hair so how could I pass this opportunity up!

The 3Q's stand for Quick!, Quiet! & Quality

Quick because it literally takes about half the normal amount of time to dry your hair.
For me at least it usually takes at least 30 minutes. However with the 3Q it only takes 15 at the most!

Quiet is due to the unique and futuristic technology of the design of this clever dryer.
There are actually no brushes inside of it, hense the lighter feel to most other hair dryers saving
you from arm aches as you're blow drying. Due to this feature it makes the dryer so much
quieter! Clever! I especially love this feature as it means I can still style my hair using this as my
little ones are sleeping.

Quality. Just looking at the slick, silver design of this dryer you can see that it has class.
It doesn't look cheap and it isn't, yet it is still completely affordabe at just $172.95.

It comes complete with a concerntrated nozzle for more controlled, sleek styling as well as
a generous size diffuser to add body and texture to your 'do'!

There are two pressure and two heat settings as well as the cold shot button which is easy to
find due to the cute little snow flake pictured on it.

To prolong the life of your dryer and to keep it perfectly clean, the dryer also comes with it's
very own small cleaning brush. However VS Sassoon are so confident in their product you will
find this baby comes with a 5 year warranty! Impressive!

If you'd like to see this new brusless technology in action and hear more about my thoughts
and experience using it and my results of the 'Beautiful Hair Challenge' then be sure to click
below to watch! 

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What are your thoughts on VS Sassoon's 3Q?
Will you be taking the challenge?

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