Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Love System

Gentle Everyday Face Wash Serum!

Has anyone else noticed the sudden drastic change in the weather lately? Over the past few weeks
here is Brisbane is seems to have gone from humid and hot to quite chilly in the mornings, warming
up throughout the day to become a beautiful balmy perfect day. However nice this change happens to
be, somehow my skin and body in general is not happy. As soon as the slight cold snap hit my nose
began to run, my skin has broken out slightly and I just in general don't feel 100% myself. Boo! :(

To cheer myself up and treat myself to some pampering (which always seems to do the trick!) I
decided to try out a different brand on my skin as trying new products is something I love doing and
makes me happy! :)

Australian Bush Flower Essences is a brand I have tried in the past with various samples provided
in a few different subscription boxes and really enjoyed them as they are all about self love and
looking after youself. Not to mention I am all for supporting our Aussie brands!

Including this vast arrangment of samples you see below (Keep a look out for them in my
upcoming April Empties!) I have also been trying out their Gentle Face Wash Serum with
Purifying Evening Rose which smells so divine, like a bunch of fresh Aussie bush flowers, which is
exactly what it is! The scent is 100% on point and takes me right back to my early childhood days
growing up in a small country NSW town.

The Bush Flower Essences in this Face Wash Serum include - Angelsword, Bauhinia, Billy
Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Five Corners, Fringed Violet & Macrocarpa.

Suitable for all skin types of all ages. Gentle enough for both young and mature skins.
79% Certified Organic Ingredients! Love that!

This white creamy formulation comes in a simple, easy to use turquoise pump 50ml bottle and
RRP's currently for $19.95 and was recently a winner in the Natural Health International
Beauty Awards!

Click here to find a distributer of Bush Flower Essences products near you.

Have you tried any products from Bush Flower Essences 'Love System' range?
Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own


  1. I've had that face wash before and really love it (especially the scent!)
    I just wish their products were more widely available as I hate paying postage when I only want one item. I'd buy it again for sure if it were easier to get :(

    1. I have to agree with you there. It makes life a bit hard when you can't just pop into any shop close by and get what you want. Hopefully they'll have more distributers in the future! :)