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Renergie Multi-Lift!

Having turned 31 at the very beginning of the year really nailed it into me just how fast
my 30's are already progressing and how long ago my 20's seemed!

Now, more than ever I am focused on my anti-ageing skincare regime and fighting the inevitable battle of getting older.

When products like this one come my way I get so excited as this would not normally be a product
within my budget to purchase for myself. 

This product is a luxe treat and one I am treating like a little tub of pure gold, 
because at the end of the day, I'd rather have flawless, perfect skin than a tub of gold any day! 
Vein? Yep!

My bedroom decor has a few mirrored furniture pieces and the packaging of this fits in like family.
The silver box with it's gold signature rose accent is so gorgeous and lady like. 
The beauty only continues as you open up the box and delve inside the violet casing.

The formula has a rich, pretty scent which reminds me of a well kept older woman. Dripping in
pearls and diamonds with her make-up perfectly applied. Every time I apply this ulta light, creamy
gel like cream I imagine I will be like that in my 60's, 70's and beyond. (Or however long I last
on this earth!) Still looking around 30 when I'm in my 70's?! Yes please!

At the moment though, my skin is behaving pretty well. It seems to have grown out it it's acne
fit and it is a lot less oily than it used to be. I would classify my skin as normal with a few fine lines
around my eyes when I smile as well as those deep worry lines across my forehead. Other than that,
my skin is okay. 

Since using this Lancome NEW Renergie Multi-Lift Cream, I have noticed my skin to feel much
softer. The skin on my neck and chest area seem to be much smoother and less irritated. I seem
to get random red rashes in this area about once a day whenever I am stressed or anxious and
I feel like this cream has calmed it all down since applying this cream.

As for the multi-lift effect. The only place I feel like has had gravity take to it a tiny bit is my cheeks.
In some photos I can tell they're not as plump as they once were.  After about a week of using this
cream twice daily, I can see, even without taking a picture, my skin has lifted ever so slightly!
I'm not sure how long the effect will last, but I am loving it! It makes so much difference to my
confidence, especially when I smile! So amazed as no other product I've used has ever achieved
this effect!

Overall a really lovely cream which I highly recommend. I don't see how anyone wouldn't
love using this and wouldn't love it!

Lancome's NEW Renergie Multi-Lift Cream can be purchased here!

Have you tried any Lancome products before?
What are your thoughts on anti-ageing products?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me by Beautyheaven as part of their Trial Team
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own
*Some affiliate links may be used. (Thank you for supporting my blog!)

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