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1.) Estee Lauder Gift Bag!
I recommend picking up her favourite perfume and if it happens to be one by Estee Lauder you can
pick up this special Mother's Day gift bag for just $75 with any fragrance purchase! Contents of the
bag equal more than $160!

2.) Forever New Leopard Print Scarf!
With the weather becoming increasinly chilly of late, why not pick her up a fashionable scarf like
this one. I hear animal print is still popular with the grown ups! ;)

3.) Let's Kiss & Make-Up Cosmetic Bag!
There are endless different designs of make-up bags you can pick up just about anywhere really
cheap. If you know your mum well or even if you don't take a quick peek into her stash and pick up
a few of her regulars as back ups for her and pop them into a brand new stylish make-up bag for her!

4.) Peter Alexander Dressing Gown!
It's always nice to invest in a new dressing gown every few years. Show mum how much you
appreciate her by getting her a glam one like this from Peter Alexander which is also super comfy
and handy with the large pockets for phones and midnight snacks! ;)

5.) Peter Alexander Fancy Bow Couture Slippers!
 Cute slippers are a must have to wear around the house and Peter Alexander have a super adorable
range to choose from. Make her feel a bit spesh by picking up a glam pair like these with embelished

6.) Hudson Park Bed Sheets!
There is nothing like new clean fresh sheets on the bed, am I right ladies?! How many years has
your mum been sleeping on the same set of worn out sheets? Do her a favour and make her bed with
a new set if you can sneak in to do it without her knowing. Then wait for her to thank you the next
day after she's discovered and slept in them the night before!

7.) Moeve Bath Towels!
I find bath towels ware out quickly. Refresh you mum's linen cuboard with some fresh new good
quality bath towel sets and throw away the old ones. I bet she'll be delighted when she opens up the
linen doors to find brand new, neatly folded, new fresh towels all neatly folden and laid out ready for
her to use! Surprise! :)

8.) Royal Albert Friendship Tea Caddy!
 How fancy is this feminine tea storage pot from Royal Albert? Treat mum to one of these and fill
it with her favourite tea bags or coffee pods. If she's not into either of those, her fav candy is a sure

9.) D.L & Co Soy Candle in Glass Vessel!
Candles are always a nice treat! Spash out one a fancy one for her which matches in with her
style and decor. Just make sure it's in a scent she loves and won't tire of!

10.) Royal Albert Friendship Tea Cup & Saucer!
Almost all mum's like to either unwind with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. Treat her to one of
these ulta precious Royal Albert sets to make her feel like a queen.

11.) Mes Homewares Mother Of Pearl Photo Frame!
Like with the fancy candle, if you're going to get her a photo frame with a happy snap of you
both inside. Make sure to match if to her taste, colour scheme and decor. She is sure to love it!

12.) Kaz Horizon Blue Cushion!
You can never have too many cushions! Add a couple to her couch or bed to her taste. Textures
and different shapes are fun for the bed and fun colours are an affordable fun way to dress up a tired
or outdated couch!

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