Sunday, May 3, 2015





Have you ever wondered how some people seem to always take the most perfect selfies?
A tiny percentage are blessed to be naturally striking and flawless and 99.9% photogenic, the
rest of us... well with a bit of tech help using filters, airbrushing as well as make-up most the rest of
us can look pretty awesome too! However I was recently challenged to take the Indeed Laboratories
#nonoselfie challenge with a little skin prep from their incredibly hydrating Moisture Boosting Mask.
Using my Nanoblur underneith my make-up makes one hell of a difference let me tell you!

Indeed Laboratories have produced a groundbreaking range of skincare products that will definitely
impress you. Including these two which work great to compliment each other giving you the best
results, they also stock - Fillume, Eysilix, Retinol Face, Pepta-Bright, Snoxin & my personal fav,

To find out more about the Indeed Labs range you can check out my full review of 3 of my favs
right here as well are a more indepth look at the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask pictured
above here. :)

To help create perfect #nonoselfie skin after letting the Moisture Boosting Mask sit for a good 15
minutes I then massage about a pea size amount of Nanoblur into my skin. My main selfie pet peeves
include my large pores, wrinkles around my eyes as well as the one across my forehead where they are more apparent. As you can see below, Nonoblur works a treat at making my worry lines fade away and my pores much less noticable. 
I love that this product takes away all of my selfie insecurities and just leaves my skin looking 
the best version of itself letting the other features on my face shine.

My skin often becomes a bit oily by the end of the day. I love that this keeps the oil under
control and keeps my skin looking matte and fresh.

Even though I prefer to use Nonoblur as a (highly effective) primer you can actually use this pretty much anyway you like. Under, over or even mixed in with your foundation or moisturiser. 
Any which way you choose to apply it, it will still give you the same airbrushed appearing results!

Do you have any selfie tricks you'd like to share?
Have you tried any of the Indeed Laboratories products?
Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own
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  1. Nanoblur sounds magical! I think I need to try it before I take another selfie!

    1. I am honestly blown away by how well it smoothes out the surface of my face and makes me look about 5 years younger in seconds! xx

    2. 5 years younger in seconds! Yes please!

      Thank you for linking up this post to the Monday Makeup Madness linky

    3. Of course! Always happy to come and play! :)