Monday, May 30, 2016



Gift With - (Out?) Purchase!

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So, here is the story... basically I explain it all in my un-bagging video above however I will also give you a bit of a run down here.  So you are probably wondering 
why I have titled this as a 'Gift With - (Out?) Purchase!' ?? Well let me explain. It is all
innocent I swear! 

So nearing toward the end or it may have actually been the very last day of this promotion
in store. My husband, kids and I were out on the weekend getting some groceries and a
few other odds and ends around our local little shopping centre, and as you do when you
just want to get home late on a Sunday arvo with the kids beginning to get tired and
 cranky we decided to split up. My son (2yrs) and I went to Coles and the hubby and my  
daughter (4yrs) went to Priceline for totally unrelated fun makeup things!

So basically my husband saw the gift bag sitting on the shelf, had a look at it and decided
on impulse to surprise me with it. Then had second thoughts and wanted me to be able to
come in and pick out the products I wanted just in case he picked some things I already
had or didn't like. So after speaking to the lady in the store, she explained it was their last
bag and that he could just take it as they were about to close and were apparently just 
trying to get rid of it! 0_o

Yippeeeee! Thank you lady from Priceline! You just made one very tired and worn out 
mummy very, very happy!! :)

Each year the gift bags that Priceline offer differ slightly. You can check out last year's makeup gift
with purchase bag here. This years bag is about the same size as last years and like last years bag, it
is a lovely girlie pink colour with roses and a gold zip. I really like it, however last years still remains
my favourite thus far.

Sneak peek inside the bag!

~ Base Products!  ~

50ml (Full Size) $29.95

(Sample) Full Size RRP - $29.95

(Full Size) $19.95

~ Eyes! ~

Full Size RRP $21.95

Full Size RRP $14.95

Australis Metallix Eyeshadow 'Guns & Rose Petals'
Full Size RRP $9.49

Full Size RRP $9.99

~ Nails! ~

Essie Nail Lacquer in 'Lady Like'
Full Size RRP $16.95

Full Size Mini RRP $16.95 for full size

Full Size RRP $4.99

~ Brows! Lips! Perfume! (Oh My!) ~

Savvy Clear Brow Gel
(Full Size) RRP $4.99

Revlon Matte Balm in 'Elusive Irresistible' #205
(Full Size) RRP $17.95

Versace Crystal Noir Eau De Toilette
5ml (Sample) Full Size RRP $80 per 30ml

~ Etc! ~

EcoTools Mini Sponge
Full Size RRP $4.99

Did you pick up Priceline's beauty cosmetic gift bag this time around?
Which of Priceline's GWP do you get most excited about?


  1. Good lucky lovely of them to just hand the bag over. Your man did good....guess he got some wonderful brownie points for that one :)

    1. I know! I was very surprised as it was so unexpected. haha yes, he was in the good books that day! ;)