Sunday, May 18, 2014

Home Decor - Updated Kitchen Items

The kitchen is a space in my house where we spend quite a lot of time.
It's the first place we stumble to, sleepily, blurry eyed each
morning begging for the jug to hurry up and boil so we,
(ie, the husband and I) can begin to function properly for 
our busy days ahead.
It's where we eat, feed the kids, the cat and there is
always cleaning to do and catch up sessions are often had
there with whoever happens to be visiting or staying over that day.

So naturally in my current obsession with home decor
and upgrading all of my old, teen/early 20s pink/rainbow/glitter/cupcake
themed childish decor items. This past weekend 
was time to do some minor little upgrades.
These little ventures make me so happy!
As a SAHM, I'm a bit old fashioned in a sense 
in that my home is my little nest and I want
my family and I to be as comfortable as possible
as the kids and I spend the most time here whilst the 
beloved Daddy works his butt off elsewhere.

Only minor changes where made,
but I feel like they have made such a huge difference!

We replaced our two bins.
One regular & one recycle as I'm a big believer
in recycling as much as I can.
I saw these advertised in K-Mart's recent catalogue
and as I have been wanting to replace my old wheelie bin
style pink & purple bins for some classy looking stainless
steel ones for quite a while, I just had to go and check them out!

They had a few different styles and sizes to choose from.
I liked the tall, skinny, round stainless steel ones that where there,
but hubby spotted these and thought they where nicer.
I had to agree and I love the little push button which opens the lid,
whereas the round ones lid opened with a foot pedal.

These were 38 litre Homemaker brand at $39 each which for stainless steel
 bins is a great buy,
as they're usually a whole lot more. I have been looking for a while and
had been expecting to pay close to $100 each! 
Silly really, when you're talking about a bin here!

The other item we upgraded was the old microwave.
25 litre, also the Homemaker brand for $95.
This I had owned since before the husband and I had even met! 
That's going on at least a good seven years now, it was time for
it to go! Not only that, it was beginning to rust on the inside and
the plate in the centre only turned on occasion when it felt like it.

I love this because not only does it match the new bins we bought,
bit it also matches in with the rest of the kitchen. 
The oven & dishwasher also sport the same stainless steel finish.
The fridge will be the next upgrade as it is white.
We'll have to wait a while longer to do that though as that's
quite a big purchase and there are more important places
for money to go at the moment.

My husband being the handy man he is actually built this shelf for
the microwave to sit on here where normally the fridge is
designed to go. Our fridge is a two door which makes this space much
too small so that is why our bins live here instead.

We have very limited bench space and the new microwave was
threatening to take up even more of it than our last so we both
agreed the wasted space shown here beneath the cupboard and the
bins would be the perfect place to put a shelf for the microwave.
Only hurdle is we rent, so we had to be careful not to put any holes
in the walls. 

I'm really happy with how it all turned out!

Let me know what you think?


Stay tuned tomorrow for another blog post!

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