Monday, May 19, 2014

Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorant!

Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorant


- Men's & Women's -

Over the past few weeks the hubby and I have both been
trialing and enjoying the benefits of these new 
Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorants. 

I have been trialing in Pure Fresh & Powder Fresh scents.
Here is my review and thoughts below. :)


I am not usually a big sweater, but I definitely need to use a good deodorant daily! Being a busy mum, I am always rushing around doing something and I need that protection. Plus I find I sweat the most if I'm in a stressed or nervous situation. I have no time for leisurely sporting activities so I was unable to test these out in a full on sweat session, but I can tell you they did work for me, totally and entirely!
I much preferred the Pure Fresh scent over the Powder Fresh. Even though the Powder Fresh scent was pleasant, I'm not a big fan of the powder kind of scent. I much preferred the fresh, clear and clean kind of scent the Pure Fresh gave me.
Both performed the same. They kept me completely stink free, so to speak! ;) I applied once a day before going to bed usually after my shower. I did try it a few times before showing as it says it lasts in the shower and works whilst you sleep, but I much preferred just applying it before bed as it felt a bit weird to apply deodorant and then shower and wash the area straight afterwards.
Overall, very impressed and love the packaging! Fun and easy to use. I would buy in the future, although I'm not a fan of the hefty price. Although I would probably purchase without question in the humid Summer months.

My husband has been trialing two of the men's scents in Clean Control & Sport.
My husband has been trialling this deodorant in both the Sport and Clean Control scents over the past few weeks and as a man who wants and needs to smell fresh throughout the whole day working in an office environment being surrounded and dealing with people all day long, it is imperative he has a deodorant that lasts the distance. This deodorant did not fail!
He applied this each morning as apposed to the suggested night time application, as he just isn't used to this kind of procedure. None the less, it still worked brilliantly anyway.
He preferred the Sport fragrance over the Clean Control, but found them both the same in terms of performance.
Was easily applied and didn't leave any residue transferred onto his clothes. Only slight complaint was that his clicker which pushes the deodorant out was slightly tough and didn't turn smoothly which was a slight annoyance.
Overall he was really impressed and would use again and purchase in the future.

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*These products were sent to me to review for Beautyheaven
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  1. We were also part of this trail, and we both really loved them. I'll definitely buy more when these run out.