Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello and welcome to another 'Nails Of The Day' post! :)

With the weather apparently being warmer than it should be at the
moment,  I took that as a good enough excuse as any to paint my
nails to suit the warmer weather, since here in Qld it is Sitting
in the high 20s.  Quite a beautiful temperature actually. 
Having lived 11 of my life in the far north, this kind of heat
to me is almost sweater weather! 
I'm loving these cooler months, who's with me?
I hate the scorching Summer heat and being sticky and sweaty all the 
time trying the cool down. Ew! 

I do however love Summer hues. Bright, fun and colourful!
I picked these two nail shades up in my Beautorium haul
recently and decided to try them out.

Mode Hot Pink in Babe'n

Mode Fluro Orange in Lust Lovin'

Pink and orange have often been slammed as shades which
when put together clash majorly. However, they are two shades
I think actually look amazing when done well.

This is my first attempt at ombre nails,
so don't judge me too harshly!

I absolutely love this nail effect and don't think
they turned out too badly. :)

What is your favourite nail trend?

Love Candy! 

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