Tuesday, January 20, 2015



 I have to say I am quite in love with my Curl Secret!
Never before have I seen or used a curling tool quite like this!
The design is so different and unique and it works so incredibly well at creating strong,
defined and lasting curls in three different sizes.
You can create soft, medium or loose curls depending on the setting you choose.
 It provides you with two heating setting levels to cater for fine or thick, course hair.
I personally prefer the heat setting on my styling tools in general to be the hotter the better!
I know this is not ideal for any hair type, however it just saves time and makes my hair easier to tame.
My hair type is long, (not as long as it was though as I got sick of it last night & gave myself a DIY chop!)
 thick and prone to be frizzy and just generally difficult to manage, however I found it really easy using this tool!
The Curl Secret comes with it's own small cleaning tool which helps to keep the inside of the hair roller dust
hair and product free. The small pads attached to it can be easily removed to be washed and re-used easily.
When it comes to the overall design of the Curl Secret, I think it has been quite cleverly done.
 It is unlike any other curling tool I have ever seen. The heating rod is completely tucked away so it is
 pretty much impossible to burn yourself!

It comes complete with a dust/travel draw string storage bag to keep your wand safely in. 
This comes in very handy when travelling or just to help keep it looking good as new when stored away safely.

You can honestly get away with using the Curl Secret without any extra hair products.
 (Apart from a good heat protectant!) Hair sprays and gels are not required.
 When using the Curl Secret I find my curls stay bouncy and barely loose their shape throughout the whole day! 
If you're a Curl Secret first timer, then I highly recommend reading the instructions provided before you begin!
 As this is not just your average hair curling wand, you might be thinking - "Wow! This looks complicated!"
 However, practice really does make perfect because once you know how to use this it really is so simple
and quick to get amazing lust worthy curls! :)

Current RRP: $169.95
(According to Priceline's website at the time of this post!)

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