Thursday, January 22, 2015



The Elixir Lip Glosses!

Today I feel like talking about one of my favourite obsessions - lip colours!
These ones by Maybelline have been on the market for a while but they're still one of my
favs in terms of packaging, formula and shades.

If you'd like to see some makeup looks with me using some colour Elixir's
then be sure to watch the video below! :)
You can also find more info on all of the products mentioned in this video over on
M:Edition here!

These Elixir lip glosses come in 12 yummy shades.
I have these four below which I am going to now
share with you in more detail.

Blush Essence
Now if you're not into bold lipstick you might initially skip right by this shade as it appears much
darker and pigmented in the tube than it actually applies on the lips.
This is one of my all time favourite lipstick shades for everyday wear as it barely appears to show
that you're even wearing a lipstick. The shade is so natural. It just gives a bit of life to your nude
lips by adding a touch of pink colour to them. Blushing them as the name suggests is an accuarte
way of describing it. These Elixir glosses do have a mild odd scent to them. I don't mind it though.
It's definitely not floral or a yummy smell, it is very unique. I cannot think of anything I could
compare it to to try to explain it. I suggest just having a whiff of a tester before purchasing just to
be sure it doesn't put you off. Also, I wouldn't recommend licking your lips whilst wearing these.
They do have a slight flavour to them which isn't all that nice.
I mean, they're not food, they're designed to look amazing (which they do!) not taste amazing!
Just sayin'!

Petal Plush
This shade is similar to Blush Essence, however the tint is slightly lighter.
It reminds me of pale pink fairy floss. It is so light and pretty with a touch of shimmer and shine.
This is also an ideal shade for your casual everyday look as it looks so natural and pretty by
enhancing your lips natural shape and colour. I like to quickly pop a bit of this on my lips
on days when I've just chucked on a pair of demin shorts and a casual top and I'm heading out
to grab a few groceries or visit my sister. I feel like this would make a good first lip product
for anyone just starting out with makeup or are still quite young and don't want to over do it.

Signature Scarlet
This Elixir shade is probably out of these four that I own the only one which actually
appears as vibrant in terms of it's shade on your lips as it does from just looking at the tube.
It definitely has that 'Signature' classic vibe about it being as it is classicaly red.
What I love about this particular shade though, is you can just apply a touch of it to your cupid's
bow and then smudge it out a little for a just bittin tint. Or you can totally build it up for an
all over bombshell, seductive look.

Caramel Infused
This is a sneaky one as the name Caramel Infused has be thinking this shade must be some
kind of brown colour. However, even though it appears that dark, brownish, caramel tint
from the outside. Once applied it actually just lightly tints your lips into a shiny, medium
dark rosey pink! Actually, it is quite close to my natural lip colour. This shade doesn't contain
the tiny shimmer particals that both Blush Essense and Petal Plush have. The formula is very
smooth (Not that the others with the shimmer are gritty at all, they're not!) and the unique shaped
applicator makes it easy to apply as it glides from side to side along your lips.

Have you tried these Elixir's?
What is your favourite Maybelline product?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly supplied to me as part of the MNYCREW
*This blog post is not sponsored!


  1. Blush Essence is such a beautiful colour. I think I will have to make a little purchase and try these out for myself.

    1. You totally should, it's a lovely shade and I bet it would look gorgeous on you! xx <3