Monday, January 12, 2015



Fuse gelnamel in 'Gone Fission'
This is one of the prettiest pink glitter polishes I've tried. Tie that in with the fact that it has a
gel finish and you have yourself a double whammy! I love that the glitter appears to be rainbow
coloured too so it looks extra sparkly!

Fing'rs Heart 2 Heart Glitter Nail Art
Anyone who is glitter obsessed and who likes to dabble in nail art will love these cute little
tubes! They make such a pretty statement nail which is what I love using these for in particular.
Stay tuned for some nail arty posts coming soon using these! 

Lush 'So White' Shower Gel
Ok, so this looks, smells and feels gorgeous! It has a subtle shimmer throughout it and contains
apple infusion, rose water, bergamot and neroil oils which combined make a luxurious mix!
I love to use this both in the shower or bath!

Sukin Facial Moisturiser
This is a moisturiser you can count on to use any time of the year, day and night!
It just always feels good, no matter what mood my skin is in! I also like to use this every now
and again on my knees which can sometimes get quite dry and it softens them up beautifully!

I am obsessed with facial and body oils at the moment and bonus points if it has a dropper!
Makes it all that more fancy and I love using the product in this manner. I like to use this both
morning and night before applying my Sukin Facial Moisturiser as it makes my tired skin appear
less puffy in the morning and relaxes it at night.

MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lip Gloss Set
Luck was clearly on my side when I was fortunate enough to win this divine foursome
from the super generous and gorgeous Hailey from 'The Beauty In Life'. If you don't already follow and read her blog, you are seriously missing out!! She has a raw, honest and funny as heck way
 of writing which I can't get enough of! Her posts always make me smile, laugh and 
nod in agreement, as I can relate to her in many ways. #bloglove

Maybelline Color Whisper in 'Oh La Lilac'
After receiving this in my Girlfriend edition of 'The Parcel' I have been using this non stop!
It just gives a slight, almost Barbie like tint of colour to my lips which I love, without looking
too plastic. It's like a nude pink is that makes any kind of sense?! Gah, I just adore it!!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Barely Branded'
I picked this up not that long ago when Coles had Maybelline at half price because I was
sick of hearing how amazing this shade was everywhere I turned and wanted to see for myself!
Turns out everyone had good reason to go on and on about it because it is the bomb dot com
people! Well and truly! It is the perfect eyebrow and cheek highlighter and even works incredibly
well as an eyeshadow base and inner corner eye brightener. Go get it!!!

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in 'Blackest Black'
Also picked up this for half price and now I've been using it I would happily pay the full
price because it is awesome! Believe it or not, this is my first experience with a gel liner.
Yep, I was a gel liner virgin until recently having been so comfortable in my relationship with
good old trusty liquid, I needed to step out of my comfort zone and see what all the fuss was about.
So fun to work with and hasn't shown signs of drying out, so hopefully this will last until I use
it all up!

Yep, another Maybelline product! Whoops, I honestly really just love their products!
They just seem to never fail me. This one was recently sent to me to review from Beautyheaven
and despite hearing a lot of dislike around it, I can't see what the big problem with it is.
Works like a dream for me on my skin. Makes everything look smooth, matte and flawless.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in '#102 Light Nude'
Before trialling the Dream Wonder, I was using this baby a lot and it's pretty great!
It doesn't give flawless coverage, however it does a good job to use for an everyday foundation.
The colour match is perfect for my skin and it lasts from early in the morning till late at night
without the need to touch up. Has a dewy finish and a nice pump which makes it super easy to
use as I am constantly applying my makeup in the car whenever we go out somewhere as it is
my way of multi-tasking. So with the kids strapped in the back seat, I am free for a while
to put my 'face' on in peace! ;)

This is perfect for the everyday eye and so handy because all the shades I need are all in one place!
They are also great if you want to make your look more intense as they are easy to build the 
shades up to make them appear more bold and smokey! I have especially been enjoying a new
to me technique of applying the bottom shadow to line around my eyes. It makes your eyes
appear more defined, yet still totally appropriate for your simple, everyday look.

Do we have any of the same favs?
Let me know yours below! :)

Let's follow each other! 

*Not sponsored
*Some of the products mentioned have been sent to me for review or by pr companies
*All photos & opinions are all my own


  1. Lush's So White Shower Gel smells heavenly! ^ ^

  2. Lovely stuff, Rimmel foundation is my favourite :) x

  3. I have two of the Maybelline ExpertWear Eye Shadow Quads and really love them. They're so convenient! Lovely post! :)

  4. I love Sukin face moisturiser and Lush shower gels! I bought the Sanctuary Spa facial oil, but haven't tried it yet, I really must start using it.