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Brushology Hair Brushes!


Dry Shampoo Brush $14.95
I only tend to wash my every 2-3 days for two reasons. One - I can get away with it, so why not?
Two - Washing my long, thick hair takes so much time, I just don't have. So in saying that, this 
nifty little Dry Shampoo Brush is brilliant as it really helps to blend in all that dry shampoo I tend
to use on a daily basis. All but one of my dry shampoo's that I currently have in rotation come out as
white and powdery which if not worked in well can give my hair a grey tint. Not what you want!

Vent Brush $9.95
I tend to blow dry my hair about once a week or so after washing and this new Vent Brush has been
the perfect companion! Because there are gaps between the bristles it allows the hot hair through the
brush as I am blow drying in turn speeding up my drying time. The end of the bristles are also
ceramic and also get hot and aiding in the lengthy straightening process. I found this so easy to use,
my hair just glided through the brush and my was smooth and ready to tackle with my straightener in
no time!

Wet Hair Detangling Brush $12.95
This giant paddle brush has been cleverly designed with super gentle bristles to limit the damage 
when bushing wet hair. I like to first use the Scunci Detangling Comb and follow through using this
one. The large size of the brush makes it very quick to use and I am done in about ten seconds! It
doesn't snag or pull at my hair and I love the way it feels on my scalp. 

Detangling Comb $5.95
I believe a wide tooth comb is a must for every girl! I use this both in and out of the shower.
I find using this when using a hair treatment or even just when I condition my hair it helps
distribute the product nice and even whilst making my hair smooth and knot free. I then use it again
once I am out of the shower on my wet hair to make sure my hair is completely tangle free and ready
to style for bed or for the day ahead!


Straightening Brush $15.95
This is probably the most unique kind of hair brush I have ever seen or used. You can use it like a
regular hair brush or as it is designed with a double brush head & ceramic coated plates you can use
it whilst both blow drying and straightening to cut down the time it takes for both tasks, especially
if you have long hair or unruly curls! If like me you suffer from the frizz effect, this brush will sort it
all out with it's ionic infused boar bristles.

XLarge Volume Brush $14.95
If volume and large waves are what you're craving then this is the brush of all brushes! 
With it's ionic pins and gentle bristles, this brush when used together with your hair dryer
(I recommend checking out my fav - The Pink Evoke VS Sassoon Dryer!) will briskly style your hair
into voluminous Victoria's Secret waves with body and height as it retain the heat in the brush as you
style. Pretty handy!

Medium Volume Brush $12.95
Very similar to the XLarge Volume Brush, this medium size thermal ceramic barrel heats up as you
use your hair dryer giving you nice volume and life to your hair whilst setting it as you go through
each section of hair. This is my go-to for everyday hair as it gives a lovely natural 'just got out of bed
sexy hair' look whist still looking like you have still made some kind of effort by taming any frizz or
fly aways which are my pet hate!

Cushion Brush $12.95
This is the best brush to use the day after washing your hair when your hair is super clean and may
not be playing nice and sitting right. I find this helps styling my hair on those days as it is designed
to bring down some of the natural oils through the hair from the scalp in turn making squeeky clean 
hair more manageable. Not recommended on greasy hair unless you want to accentuate that kind of 
over all slick back look. Each to their own!


Paddle Brush $14.95
For those of you who have long, thick hair like me then this one is for you! Nobody has time to
spend brushing their hair all day (At least no one I know!) and if you want to keep it long then you
still need to find a way to take care of it. This large paddle brush makes life easier by not only being
large enough to get the job done quick. It also has ionic and ceramic coated pins which help tame the
frizz, smooth down the hair and also adds shine which is something I have really noticed a difference
with when using this brush. I like shiny, healthy looking hair!

Long Hair & Hair Extension Brush $14.95
Since using my Irresistible Me hair extensions and finding this brush, I have really enjoyed having a
special brush just to help take better care of my set. Hair extensions are difficult to store without 
getting tangled easily and having this brush has been great! Right before I apply each piece I just run
this brush of them and it makes all the difference! Makes them look like new again. 

Thick & Wavy Hair Brush $14.95
I guess it really comes down to hair type, style preference and personal taste when it comes to some
of these brushes. There are a few others in this range which do pretty much the same as this one,
however this particular brush has slightly longer bristles which does make it nice and easy when 
brushing through thick hair. (Speaking from experience!) :)

Backcombing Brush $7.95
Ever since trying out the Scunci Quiff Comb I have not been the best at back combing to create the
same effect. Having a proper backcombing brush just makes it so much easier and faster to create the
teased effect and I actually found it really easy to brush out once I was done. Backcombing with this
brush didn't create a huge knotted mess as I was able to simply comb through it once I was done with
the style. The hair held really well and parting my hair in difference ways with the tip of the brush 
end make for some lovely neat hair styles lately as well. 


Mini Round Brush $7.95
I love these mini Retouch brushes as they are smaller than the others in the Brushology range and are
perfect handbag and travel size. I tend to pack both this and the Mini Styling Brush with me when I 
travel as they are just a great little pair. Keeps my hair in place and looking neat. 

Mini Styling Brush $7.95
This is great for on the go touch ups. I love that it is ceramic so even when I am out I can keep my 
hair in check. Even after blow drying, straightening, dry shampooing & hair spraying, my hair still
finds a way to misbehave throughout the day, so having one of these styling brushes with me at all
times is a must!

Which brush do you need?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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