Tuesday, November 17, 2015


2 Day
40% Makeup Sale!

By now every beauty lover on and off the land of social media knows by now that Priceline is 
having another one of their annual 40% makeup sales this week beginning tomorrow!

Of course this always seems to happen around the time when I am completely strapped for cash
and ahem... may have already had a bit of a spending spree over the past couple of weekends so I
really cannot justify heading to this very temping sale, even if it is at the top of my guilty pleasure list!

Anyhow, whenever any kind of sale comes along I like a lot of other people tend to flock to Google,
 Youtube videos or blogs for ideas, recommendations and inspiration on what to put on their
shopping lists. So here is what I would get if I were to go on a splurge as well as products I already
have or have tried which I think are worth picking up to try! Hope it's helpful lucky ducks! ;)

I Want!
I Recommend!
Be quick! Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th November only!

Will you be doing any shopping at this sale?
Let's follow each other! 

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*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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