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~  Pearlesque Box  ~

California Edition

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With so many subscription boxes out there available to us from around the globe is can sometimes
seems a bit overwhelming trying to decide on the perfect one that best suits you. As a lover of all
things beauty and above all natural beauty when I happened to stumble across this box and
discovered it's vast variety of surprises and monthly themes I just couldn't look away!

This natural beauty box comes from the US, however does ship internationally so if you like
something you see and something you think someone you know might be interested in make sure
to sign up or let them know about it. Better yet why not surprise them with a box as a special gift
for your sub box loving friends this Christmas?! I know I would be happy with a gift that just keeps
on giving every single month for a whole year! Annual subscriptions are a no brainer. (Santa are you
listening?!) ;)

Anyway I am so into this box right now, if you add up the total value for everything you definitely
can see the value for money here. Pearlesque Box is $39.95 per month with free shipping if you are
in the US. Each month your box will be filled with products from a different country from around the
world of natural beauty items! No more stingy foil packets or little tiny sachets, Pearlesque Box is
quality and supplies you with only full size or deluxe samples!

___ Pearlesque October 2015 Box - California! ___

Bambu Earth Pumpkin Oatmeal Facial Glow - $18
I am pretty sure if you wanted to you could probably quite safely eat this product, that's how natural
it is! Contains Pumpkin Powder, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal & Non
GMO Gluten Free Cornmeal and smells really yummy! You can really smell the almond oil!

The consistency is thick and grainy which works to gently exfoliate your face without stripping it of
moisture. I love how soft and smooth my skin instantly felt after using this.

For more info about Bambu Earth and their range of all natural hand made products why not check
out their website right here! They even have an amazing range for men!

Bambu Earth Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask - $8
Another product from Bambu Earth, this relaxing and refreshing mud smells very spa like with
ingredients like Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oils this powerful duo help to fight acne with anti-
bacterial and astringent properties. Then the only other ingredient, the Dead Sea Mud which contains
in itself 21minerals all beneficial to our bodies. Be sure to check out Bambu Earth's website to learn

This mask is truly amazing and feels so so nice! You can even use it all over your body which I plan
on doing once I get a few hours without the kiddos for a bit of selfish time out! (Can't wait!)
I have used this on my face already and considering this is just a travel size, it is very generously
sized as the mud spreads out really far and only takes about a minute to dry. Does say to leave on for
10-15 minutes though for maximum results 2-3 times a week.

Bambu Earth Pumpkin Seed Facial Serum - $32
One ingredient - Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil. Amazing! Who knew something so simple sitting right
under our noses all our lives could be so beneficial to our skin. Contains Vitamins A & E, Zinc,
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. All you need to do is apply a few drops, gently massaging it into your
face and neck after cleansing morning or night.

The formula is actually not greasy at all and is easy to spread out into your skin as it soaks in very
fast! Only the slightest natural smelling scent, barely noticeable unless you really sniff in deeply with
your nose attached to the bottle opening. A lovely product I never knew existed, but now I am so glad
to have learnt about it though Pearlesque Box!

Puresol Konjac Facial Sponges in Bamboo Charcoal & Original (BONUS ITEMS!) - $20
These all natural pure Konjac Root sponges initially feel quite hard and rough when you first get
them out of their packaging, however once you soak them in water when using them with your
regular body wash or cleanser in the bath or shower they are actually quite soft and absorbent and do
 a fantastic job at exfoliating not only your face and neck, but your whole body as well.

These Puresol products are biodegradable, naturally sustainable and vegan. To purchase or learn
more about natural and eco friendly brand be sure to check them out on their website here! :)

Have I convinced you yet? If you love what you have seen and read about here I have very cool
news! This very same exact California Box is still available to purchase along with their Hawaii,
Italy & Brazil boxes also available throughout the holiday season up until 5th December which you
can sign up for either for yourself or as a gift! So why not get cultured with natural skincare from
around the world! I find this stuff so interesting and if you are any kind of beauty obsessed creature
like myself, then you will most likely love discovering some new brands and products as well. :)

Do you tend to sway more toward natural skincare?
What's on your wish list this Christmas?
Let's follow each other! 

*This box was kindly sent to me for consideration/review 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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