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Always up for trying new and different skincare and especially when it comes to acne fighting
products which target directly to the cause and treat the skin, then that is definitely something to
gain my attention and interest!

Being a acne sufferer since my pre-teens I have been there and done that with just about all the
different products and 'home remedies' you could think of. Previously I had tried and used up a
whole tub of Skin B5's Skin Purifying Mask and found the results to be quite satisfactory so when the
opportunity came to me a little while ago to test out more of the range I jumped at the chance!

Here are my reviews of each product I have been using over the past few months and how I feel
each product went and how it effected my skin and weather or not I would recommend each one
for those like me who suffer from adult acne.

Acne Control Cleansing Mousse (200ml)
Cleansing my whole face and neck twice daily has been the norm for me pretty much my whole life,
so making the switch over to this Cleansing Mousse was an easy feat. I have used cleansing mousse
type of acne targeted products before with really good results so I expected this to be the same.

I wasn't wrong! This product is amazing! So easy to use with the easy pump top dispensing just the
right amount of foamy goodness which I swear I could feel working on my skin as I massaged it in.
Removed all of that excess greasy feel from a long day or warm night without stripping my skin.
I left my skin soft and the few spots I had when I first began using this skincare range were instantly
less red and a little shrunken down. And this was just after the first cleanse! Impressive to say the

Contains salicylic acid which seems to be loved by some and hated by others. I personally love it as
every facial cleansing product I have ever used with this ingredient has always worked at fighting my
acne very quickly. With my skin being 'normal' it has never dried it out whilst keeping the oil under
control. The Green Tea & Aloe Vera have a light scent and soothing feel on the skin and is very
moisturising and healing to the skin as well. RRP $22.95

Acne Control Moisturiser (100ml)
It is a hard task to find such a deeply moisturising facial cream that isn't greasy and soaks straight
down into the skin. It takes some detective work and I think with this Acne Control Moisturiser I
have found the one with the magic combination of ingredients including - Green Tea, Jojoba Oil &
Vitamin B5.

Whilst using this in conjunction with the Acne Control Cleansing Mousse and other Skin B5 products
below, the change I can see on the surface on my skin is pretty awesome. Even my pores, which are
one of my biggest annoyances appear to have shrunk down in size and are completely clear of any
gunk and dirt. It seems rare to find such a product combination to do this and I have only ever used
a few others which also have the power to do this successfully. RRP $22.95

Skin Purifying Mask (100gm)
If your acne is quite severe to begin with then I would recommend going full throttle using this mask
straight away a few times a week to let the specially formulated product really get to work in deeply
cleansing the skin and getting the oil production under control in order for the other products within
the Skin B5 range to aid in keeping the skin under control and healing from deep within so to prevent
any future break outs keeping the skin as clear as possible.

With hard working ingredients including - Avocado Oil, Peppermint, Bergamot Oil, Green Clay, Aloe
 Vera, Deep Sea Minerals and of course Vitamin B5 which you will find in all of Skin B5's products.

After the first two weeks of dedicated use 2-3 times a week I found cutting back to once a week was
all that was needed for my skin to keep up with being deeply cleansed and keeping clear and free of
dirt and impurities. This product is fantastic for those short on skincare time as it only takes 5 minutes
to dry onto the skin and can be simply rinsed away after that, it is that simple! RRP $34.95

Acne Control Capsules (x90 or 3month supply)
Honestly, I am not usually inclined to purchase or take any kind of vitamin or health supplement.
I just prefer the old fashioned way of portion controlled eating healthy with fruits and vegetables and
 all the other good stuff for a balaned diet. However since the reviews and reputation of these
 products I have heard and read about seem to all be so positive and with no nasty chemicals or
ingredients included I struggled to find a reason not to give them a fair chance.

One of the benefits I found really interesting and more appealing was the fact that both the Skin B5
capsules and tables not only help with keeping the skin under control working from the inside out,
it also works to relieve stress which is something that I really struggle with on a daily basis.

Recommended for mild to moderate acne sufferers who prefer a relatively smaller size capsule to
swallow. RRP $39.95

Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets (x180 or 30day supply)
These Skin B5 Extra Strength tablets are quite impressive in terms of claims. Here they are below -

Heal Skin & Small Wounds
Skin Renewal
Stress Relief
Oil Control
Supports Immune System

No wonder they are 'Extra Strength'! A bit of a larger tablet to take however this has never been an
issue for me. I have luckily always found taking tablets, even large ones easy. Those ones you are
recommended to take every single day whilst pregnant and breast feeding are giant suckers and I took
them with both my babies for more than 12months each time!

The recommended dosage is quite a lot to commit to, especially since in the beginning I wasn't all
that keen on taking supplements in the first place. However I had nothing to loose and my skin was
in the middle of a acne binge on my face with the main focus being on my cheeks, chin and the odd one on my forehead. These tablets and capsules are designs both for the face and body. I do get the
odd cluster of small bumps on my shoulders and upper back and these have now completely cleared.

I can't be sure if my stress levels have come down or my mood increased as my mind is a
complicated crazy place and with ongoing thyroid issues I don't know if these capsules and tables
have the capacity to take control of 100% of my hormones. RRP $49.95

Overall I have definitely noticed a dramatic improvement overall in my overall skin from using all of
 these products and have really enjoyed them all and found it very interesting and delightful with the
 clear results.

What are you skincare concerns?
Have you tried Skin B5 products?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly send to me for consideration/review
*All photographs, video & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
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  1. Beaut review Candy - I only have blackheads but one dear friend dealing with adult acne, so I'm sending here here ♡♡♡

  2. Beaut review Candy - I only have blackheads but one dear friend dealing with adult acne, so I'm sending here here ♡♡♡

    1. Aw thanks so much Kat, I hope this helps your friend! xo