Thursday, August 14, 2014


~ Acrylic Storage Haul ~

(From Aldi & K-Mart!)

Hands up if you love a bargain!
Keep them up if you are in need of organization & storage ideas!
Welcome to my life! Haha!

Recently an Aldi catalogue landed in my letterbox which rarely occurs so most
of the time I am unaware and miss out on all the usual deals they have.
I am so happy it came my way this time though because they had some
great prices on a range of acrylic storage products which are one
of my favourite kinds of materials to use for smaller storage items.
Mainly because acrylic is a much nicer, better quality material
than just plain plastic. It is stronger, clearer and lasts longer.

The acrylic items they had advertised included...
Shower Caddy - $49.99
Cosmetics or Jewellery Organizer - $12.99
Tissue Box - $12.99
Earring Holder Box - $12.99
Stackable Cubes - $12.99

Unfortunately my local Aldi only had the Earring Holder Box & Stackable Cubes.
I am so happy with them both though!

Now you're probably wondering what that extra set of draws are doing there?
Well since my Aldi didn't have a big range available, I came across these very
similar looking, smaller set of draws in K-Mart. 
Unfortunately they're just plastic, not acrylic, but I still really love the
design of them and they are the perfect size to store my most reached for everyday
makeup items of the moment in my bathroom for quick and easy use! :)

K-Mart - $9.00!!! 

Aldi - $12.99
The earring holder box I am planning to use
to store either cosmetics or small sample tubes & sachets, etc.
I own way too many earrings for this small container to hold!
I think it's a brilliant design though because it keeps your items free from dust
and getting ruined.

Aldi - $12.99
I love the stackable cubes because they are versatile.
You can stack them or not stack them or buy more to make different shapes 
with them. The acrylic is so thick, you could almost think it is glass only
it won't smash or shatter! Whoohoo! 

Total spend - $35.00!
A total bargain if you are aware of regular acrylic prices
which are much higher!

What do you like to use to store different items?
I would love to hear your ideas, tips & tricks!

Love Candy! 

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  1. You did brilliantly Candy - I also picked up the earring storage unit from Aldi last night, and spent half an hour tonight transferring my studs into it. It's such a fabulous idea and design - my earrings have started to get dull and salt-coated from the sea air, but this will keep them nice and clean. In fact I might go back and get another one tomorrow! I have too many earrings too lol...

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa