Wednesday, August 27, 2014


~ Moisturisers ~

I have a problem...!!!

So if you've been regularly reading my blog from the beginning you know that
I am trying to de-clutter my home. We have two little ones to make space for in
our little rented unit. So today was another look into my beauty cupboard to
see what I could either use up, toss, sell or giveaway.

This is when it dawned on me... I have more moisturisers, body lotions, shimmers
& creams than I'll probably ever use! O_o

I'll admit, I knew I had quite a few and I swear I've been really good at lathering up
after I shower every single day, but upon actually digging them all out today it shocked me at how
much I have actually accumulateted! 

I honesty haven't purchased anything you'll see below since starting this blog at
the beginning of the year!

I have been very well behaved! ;)

 Just to clarify, a lot of these products have either been
given to me as gifts, sent to me to review, product trials or prizes that I've won.


My Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats obsession...
Hula Girl Body Lotion
Creamsicle Whipped Cream x2
Cotton Candy Whipped Cream
Lollipop Whipped Cream
Banana Split Whipped Cream x2
Butterscotch Toffee Whipped Cream
Banana Split Body Frosting
(I purchased these off eBay in a random bulk lot which is why there are doubles!)

Avon Hand Care Complex (GIFT)
SugarBaby Frangipani Deluxe Hand Creme (PURCHASED)
Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Lotion (PURCHASED)

(Just the ONE aaaand it's almost empty!!)
Aroma Body Essence Aromatherapy Foot Lotion (GIFT)

Other Multi Use Product (Hands, feet, legs)

Face/Anti Ageing
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Skin Tone Corrector (PRIZE)
Olay Regenerist Revitalising Hydrating Cream (TRIAL)
Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (PRIZE)
LaMer Moisturising Cream (FREE SAMPLE)
Dove Protective Moisturising Lotion (PURCHASED)
Papulex Oil Free Cream (TRIAL)
Trilogy Moisturising Cream (FREE)
Lancome Renergie Nuit Multi-Lift Night Cream (PRIZE)

Dove Intensive Cellulite Gel Cream (PURCHASED)
Johnsons Hair Minimizing Body Lotion (PURCHASED)
Nivea Smooth Care Lotion (PURCHASED)
SugarBaby Beauty Queen Alluring Body Lotion (PURCHASED)

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (PRIZE)
Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (PRIZE)
Le Tan Tanning Gel Bronze Gradual Tan (PRIZE)

Angelic Halo Whispering Clouds Hydrating Sorbet (PURCHASED)
Frangipani Shimmering Body Mousse (PURCHASED)
Sugarbaby Bomb Shell Satin Body Souffle (PURCHASED)
Diva Coco Beach Body Lotion (PURCHASED)
Diva Sheer Shimmer Body Lotion (PURCHASED)
ModelCo Glossed Nourishing Body Cream (PURCHASED)
Avon Far Away Shimmer Gel (GIFT)

Higher End Stuff
Anna Sui Secret Wish Body Lotion (PURCHASED)
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Touch Lotion (GIFT)
Elizabeth Arden Pretty Body Lotion (PURCHASED)
Anna Sui Secret Wish Body Lotion (PURCHASED)

Celebrity Scented
Britney Spears Fantasy Body Souffle (GIFT)
Paris Hiltons CanCan Body Lotion (GIFT)
Britney Spears Curious Body Souffle (PURCHASED)
Britney Spears Believe Body Souffle (GIFT)
Christina Aguilera  Body Lotion (PURCHASED)

So as you can see, if you only count the items I have actually purchased,
I really wouldn't have so much of a problem.

 But really, who can turn down fun, exciting,
new beauty products to play with when they're offered?

Not me, I'm obsessed!

I will be updating this post by crossing out products as I use them up/give them away, etc!

Have you accidentally overloaded on a particular beauty product?
How do you work through them all?

Love Candy! 

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  1. Nice post! I tend to go overboard with concealers, foundations, and lipsticks. Whoops! :)

    1. I think I only have 2 concealers, but I can relate to the foundations and lipsticks too! lol xx

  2. awesome post!! I too have a lot of moisturisers, I'm at a point now that I'm actually excited by the idea of only having one of each product so that I can go shopping when I use them up- not just dig through my massive haul and use the next one lol

  3. I totally feel the same! I just want to go out and buy and try the new stuff, but I don't at the moment because obviously that's just ridiculous! Haha! Feels so good to finish each bottle/tube/tub! lol