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French Heritage. Oriental Endeavour

I have a confession to make... I hoard my old perfume bottles!
There is just something about all of those delicate, unique bottles that make
me so happy to look at and remember the fun times I had wearing each
amazing scent. Each scent brings back so many memories and takes me away
to another place...

In saying that, I have not actually had the luxury of being able to indulge in
my perfume splurging pleasures for quite some time, so it's companies like
this one I am going to share with you today which makes it so much more affordable
to purchase or even just sample a broad variety of beautiful new scents without
drowning your bank balance! (There are plenty of pretty desirable bottles too!)

Most of us know the kind of scents we like and are down to,
To make it easy to find the fragrances that appeal to you, SCPERFUME.COM.AU
have provided Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel on their main page
which shows the main fragrance categories - Floral/Oriental/Fresh/Woody.
These are then broken down into more specific notes such as, citrus, aromatic,
fruity, green, water, dry woods, mossy woods, woods, woody oriental, soft
oriental, floral oriental, soft floral, etc!
All you have to do is click on the scent you'd like to find perfumes containing
that fragrance and it takes you to what they have available. 
I think this is brilliant and the most helpful tool on the whole site!

Below are a range of 5, 3ml testers which you can purchase for just $2.00 each!
If you join their Tester Club, for each tester you buy earns you $1.00 credit to use off your next purchase!
Pretty awesome really!!

Sabrina Youth Dew
$2.00 (3ml)

Sabrina Sea Breeze
$2.00 (3ml)

Sabrina Candy Love
$2.00 (3ml)

DeAndre Delicate Touch
$2.00 (3ml)

DeAndre Charming Kiss

Fantasy Blue
$14.00 (18ml)

Fantasy Green
$14.00 (18ml)

These are just some examples of the huge variety of both men's & women's
fragrances available. SCPERFUME.COM.AU also sell a variety of cosmetics and
body products including, soap, hand gel, shower cream, hand soap, air freshener
and nail polish!

The brands available include; Alex For Men, Aroma Link, Cindy, DeAndre, Diana,
Essy, Fantasy, Miss Saigon Elegance, Miss Vietnam, Sabrina, Saigon & Zeus For Men.

SCPERFUME.COM.AU offer free shipping for orders over $100.
 I always love when a company offers a good postage deal when shopping online!

Want 30% off your order? 
Use coupon code: candyfairy 
Valid till 9th September 2014!

What kind of scents captivate your senses?

I can't go past sweet, floral scents like vanilla, rose & peony.
 I also love crisp, clean, rainforest or light fruity fragrances too
depending on my mood! :)

Love Candy!

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*These products & samples were kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own

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