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Flower Jewellery Pack!

It's a well known fact that children of all ages need constant stimulation to burn their endless amount
of energy, (where do they get it all anyway?!) learn and have fun!
So when the opportunity came up to try out a fun, new arts & craft set, I jumped at the chance
because I knew (even though this is recommended for ages 5-10 years) my know-it-all, clever
little 3 year old would absolutely LOVE this!

Detailed instructions including loads of easy to follow pictures are included to help out
the slightly older youngsters and simple minded parents such as yours truly! ;)

Here is an overview of the contents you get inside!
Fabric Flower Petals/'Daisy' The Bloom Pop Maker/Design Tray/
Flower Bases/x2 Flower Clips/The Un-Popper/Instructions/Sticky Gems/
Flower Spaces/Necklace Chain/Bag Tag Clasp/Link Chain/Sticky Rings/x5 Scented Flower Buttons

As you can see, you get a great variety of shapes, colours & designs to mix and match!

To begin - Take you design tray (shown below) and place one of the small flower bases in the centre.

Choose your first Fabric Flower Petal and place it over the ring.
Before placing the next petal take one of your blue flower spacers in between each petal
so they don't end up all bunched together.

Once you're happy with your flower stack choose a Scented Flower Button to place in the centre.

Next - Place 'Daisy' into the Bloom Pop Maker!

Once she is screwed in, pop her on top of your creation on the Design Tray.
Gently push down on her head. (Her arms will raise up!)
This step ensures your Scented Flower Button is firmly secure.

Your Bloom Pop should look a little like this!

An optional extra fun bit here.
Adding some colourful, sticky gems for a bit of bling!
What I like is once you're done creating your Bloom Pops
'Daisy' can become a fun new friend for your little one to play with on her own!
(She's the perfect doll house size!)

Moving on - This is what the bottom of your Bloom Pop will look like.
To get a bit creative, you can turn it into many different fun things!

Take one of your Sticky Rings, peel off the backing paper and place it over the bottom of your Bloom Pop.

On the left shows one of the Flower Clips stick on. Now you can clip it pretty much anywhere! One your clothes, shoes, hang it on some string.. there are endless ways! On the right shows a Hair Clip placed over the Flower Clip. This makes a bold, bright and beautiful addition to your child's hair!

Here is an overview of the extras provided in your pack to experiment with and get
you started with ideas on what you can do with your Bloom Pops!

Left - Attach your Link Chain & Bag Tag Clasp together and link it onto the Flower Base.
Now you have a brand new bag tag or keyring! Right - Thread your Necklace chain through the side
of the Flower Base to create a long, statement necklace!  

Lastly! - Once you've finished making your Bloom Pops, aren't 100% with your design or
just want to start again for more fun, the green Un-Popper with help you to simply detach the
Scented Flower Button that is holding all your Fabric Petals in place and you are back to the
beginning to begin creating more fun designs! :)

Overall, such a fun crafty box of joy for you...ahem, I mean your child/ren! ;)
(I think it's great fun for adults too!)
My daughter and I have been having loads of fun creating these and she loves
being independent with choosing the designs and placing them all together, etc.
Her favourite is the necklace - she's been wearing it everyday!
I'm keen to stick them on the door of her bedroom around her name sign.
Not sure if she's let me though as she is constantly pulling the others apart and
making new designs! :)

Other variations available include:
Flower Design Studio/Flower Decor Pack/Flower Bouquet Pack/Flower Theme Park
in 'Sweet Pop' or 'Rock Pop'

Check out the Bloom Pops website for more details!


What kinds of arts & crafts activities do you like to do?
If you have kids, what are their favourite activities?
(Feel free to let me know your brilliant ideas, mine gets bored really easily!)

Love Candy!

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*This product was kindly sent to me & my daughter for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own

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