Thursday, November 27, 2014


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Quiff Comb

Hair Style!

I'll admit, this is not a hair trend I have ever been a big fan of nor ever even tried.
But when something a little different lands in front of you, you just gotta give it a go, you only
live once and life is too short for the same old boring hair everyday, so I gave the Quiff Comb
a chance and here is the result. (See pic below!)

Using this hair tool and creating this hair style was actually a whole lot easier and quicker than
I had thought it was going to be! All I did was take a few inches of hair from the top section
as if I were to create a half up half down style and simply placed the Quiff Comb underneath and secured the hair with a
Scunci hair elastic into a messy little knot instead of pinning back with the bobby pins supplied.

Upon inspection of the result as I looked into the mirror I was quite surprised at how much I
actually really loved the finished look! It didn't look as weird as I'd first thought it might and since it was so quick and easy to use as you
save so much time and damage by not having to tease any part of your hair, this would
 be a great hair accessory to turn to when I want or need to create something in a hurry
but don't want to look boring!

This is such a versatile hair tool, you could get really creative and make lots of different hair styles!
I have seen just about every single celebrity try this look at some time or another for some extra
volume and height and it so so comfortable to wear as it is so light so there is no 'top heavy' feeling.

Available in both brunette & blonde varieties!
RRP: $9.95

Are you a fan of the Quiff Comb look?

Check out the massive range of hair accessories
on Scunci's official website!
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*This product was kindly sent to me as part of Scunci's Styling Team
*All opinions & photographs are my own

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