Tuesday, November 25, 2014


~    R   E   X   O   N   A    ~


Shower Clean


RRP: $14.73 (45ml)

Meet the best deodorant of all time! My holy grail, favourite and daily companion for my
armpits! This stuff retails a little more than your average run of the mill stick or spray, however
it is worth every cent, believe me!

For starters just in general I prefer a roll on or stick deodorant just because they last so much
longer than a spray, I have 100% control to where the product is being distributed. (eg. directly
onto my armpits and not on my clothes!) Plus this design is more environmentally friendly which
I am all about at the end of the day! This doesn't feel wet or sticky and does not leave any
white powdery or chalky marks on your clothes or skin!

This deodorant is designed to stop you sweating and provide maximum odour control no matter
your level of concern. From busy mums like me, career men and women, teenagers or athletes.
This antiperspirant deodorant will get you through anything! It is seriously the strongest, most
effective deodorant I have ever used and cannot recommend it highly enough!

With clinical strength wetness protection and motion activated odour protection,
Rexona Clinical Protection will keep you dry and smelling fresh for 48hrs!
It also deeply moisturisers your skin which helps with any skin irritations from shaving.

When applied at night after or even before showering before going to bed, the formula
is actually activated overnight as you're asleep, so there is no need to apply in the morning!
This product protects your skin so well that even showering won't wash it away, so as you
can imagine keeping the sweat controlled is a breeze for this little star!

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  1. We LOVE this deo! Don't think we have tried anything else that's better - armpits dry for DAYS! xx