Monday, November 10, 2014


~ M A C   T R E A T ~


Ok, so there are sooo many reasons I HAD to break my 'no spending ban'
(since I already own about 400 lipsticks! Ok so it's more like 40 give or take, but ya know...)
and get this brand new pretty little baby.

1.) It's named after me! ;)
2.) It's my signature hot pink shade!
3.) Like all MAC lipsticks, it smells like vanilla, and you know how I love my vanilla scents!!
4.) Do I really need to justify this purchase anymore? I mean it's pink, it's a lipstick and
I was set loose with my husbands credit card.... who cares! The damage is done and
I couldn't be happier! :D

Last week my sister and I had a rare chance to go shopping together,
(since we have 5 kids between us, we took full advantage of this opportunity!)
and I have to say, it was the most fun I've had in too long honestly!

Here is Brissie, the shopping centre I most frequent had a major facelift recently and I
couldn't wait to check it out! It has basically doubled in size!
I was most excited to check out the brand new MAC store as well as Mecca Maxima,
Myer, Lush (which hadn't opened yet! *cries!* was dying to tick off some things from my
wish list from there! Big mistake Lush big mistake! You snooze, you lose!) and of course
the not so new Forever New store which always makes my eyes pop out of my head every time
I step in there with all of the beauty it contains! *mega drool!*

(Stay tuned for upcoming posts containing more of my purchases!)


I barely EVER purchase MAC lippies because I can never justify the $39.00
So this good as gold treasure joins my only other lonely shade.
Girl About Town which is a slightly darker, most purply/pink shade.
Also gorgeous and I totally recommend checking it out!

While I was in MAC drooling over all of their amazing lipstick shades, I made
a mental note of which ones I wanted next. Apart from the obvious crazy beautiful purple
 (Violetta) which stood out majorly from all the others, St Germain which was a
bubblegum light barbie pink colour caught my eye and I can't stop thinking about it!

I think I am in love with a lipstick! What is wrong with me?!
Oh that's right, I'm a beauty addict! Everything is OK! :D


What are your MAC lippy recommendations?
Tell me below so I can keep dreaming! ;)

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  1. Wow, that looks gorgeous! I have Craving and Russian Red, not many MAC lippies in this house, either! I love the swatch.

    Di //

    1. I would love to get a good, classic red lippie from MAC, def on the wish list! :D xx

  2. Ohh this is such a pretty shade of pink! ^ ^

  3. Gorgeous colour! Definitely worth breaking the 'no spending ban' ;)

  4. Gorgeous colour!
    I don't own ANY Mac lippies - I can't justify the $39 either. I stick to drugstore long-lasts like MNY 24hr.