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RRP: $59.00 (30ml)

Most of us have been there some time or another. We buy the perfect foundation,
it gives a flawless finish, looks either matte or dewy and fresh and never cakey or drying.
We wear it to death and when we go to reach for our trusty back up we realise it is not longer
Winter, but Summer and our skin tone has warmed from the sun and fake tanning and now our
perfect foundation is completely the wrong shade! Whaaa!

Here's where I come in to let you in a few simple tips and tricks to make your foundation work
for your skin tone. No matter if it is too light or too dark. Most of the time, it can be easily fixed
with a bit of tweaking with just one product!

My skin tone is naturally pretty light. I'm not totally pasty, but I'm definitely not super tanned either.
So when this incredibly lust worthy foundation landed on my desk to dry I knew I had to make
it work!

This Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation is in the shade Golden Beige and is about
 2-3 shades too dark for my skin at the moment. I have been fake tanning a lot recently
 so it doesn't look too far from the rest of the skin on my body, but I do still need to lighten it up a bit.

To lighten up a darker foundation simply find your favourite moisturiser or sunscreen.
The richer and thicker the cream the better chance of it lightening up your foundation and giving
your skin a dewy, fresh and natural finish whilst also moisturising and protecting your face
from the sun! Bonus win!

Here I have blended equal amounts of the Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation
with my favourite daily moisturiser of the moment. Puretopia's Instant Moisture Daily
Face Moisturiser which contains SPF 15 which aids in the lightening process.
As you can see the result is a much better match to my skin's colour!

This particular foundation is easy to work with with the pump dispenser. The product is a great
consistency. Not too thick or runny. I found it blended out onto my skin better when I used my
beauty blender as opposed to my fingers as the product did not want to move around once applied
with my fingers. However once I added the Puretopia Instant Moisturiser, it blended much easier
and gave my skin a dewy finish as well as added hydration as this foundation already contains
an amazing hydrating formulation.

The coverage of this foundation is quite good, it conceals fine lines although it
does not conceal pores at all. I would recommend using a good primer underneath!
The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance is on my wish list!

The packaging of this bottle is gorgeous is it's glass bottle. I love foundations in glass bottles as
opposed to plastic ones as I find they store and last much better and longer this way. They also
look much better quality, you just need to be careful not to drop them!
That, as any beauty addict would agree, is a makeup tragedy!

fragrance, silicone & paraben free?!

On the flip side, if you find you seem to be stuck with a foundation too light for your current
skin tone, either mix a bit of a darker shade if you have it, or blend a bit of fake tan into it!
Just play around with different quantities to get your perfected DIY shade!


Do you have foundations stuffed away in draws no being used because the shade is
either too light or too dark?

Let me know your tips below!

Let's follow each other! 

*This product were kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs & opinions 100% honest and are my own


  1. Sounds like a lovely foundation. Great tip on how to easily lighten up a foundation shade, I'm going to use that one!

    A Bella Adventure |

    1. Thank you Angela! :) Yes, it's a very handy tip to use! I hate to waste products, I'd rather find some kind of way to use them. xx

    2. I don't like to waste things either. In the past I have bought two close shades of the same foundation, then mixed those two shades until I get the perfect match as my skin tone can change in summer and winter.

  2. Awesome tip Candice! Beautiful photography too x