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Bath Oil
RRP: $11.20 (250ml)
I honestly haven't been all that impressed with bath oils in the past as I've found them to be pretty
boring and just make the bath super slippery! This however doesn't have the slip factor which I
can not stress how important that is as a mother! It is not uncommon for most people I know to
call me over protective of my kids and that I just need to chill out and let them go a bit. But I just
can't. My babies are everything to me and when they hurt, my heart is in my mouth and it is the
worst feeling!! (I am sure most mothers can relate!!)

I find when I add a cap full to the kids bath along with the QV Gentle Wash (see below) it creates
an ultra soothing, gentle, moisturising bath. Both my daughter & son's skin has become softer
since I've used this combination in their bath each night and they seem to be enjoying it. :)

Gentle Wash
RRP: $10.65 (250g)
When it comes to bath time, I generally bath both my 3 year old and 1 year old together.
It is just easier to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak! Plus they love splashing, playing
and washing each other. It's a lovely bonding time for them. 
I have been loving using this in their bath because not only does it create some nice bubbles
which are always a big hit, but the two in one formula means it can be used both as a body and
a hair wash! Saves time and fiddling around with a bunch of different bottles when I need to be
focusing on making sure nobody slips over!

This has absolutely no fragrance and it is ultra moisturising and completely soap free!
My kids don't have any skin issues but I feel good knowing I am using a product that is gentle
on their skin and is designed especially with young little bodies in mind.

Barrier Cream
RRP: $7.95 (50g)
This paediatrician recommended Barrier Cream is great! With just one kid left in nappies,
(hallelujah!) I can focus using this holy and soley on just my 1 year old son. I change his
nappy regularly enough that it isn't often he develops a nappy rash, however there are some
times when irritation can occur in certain areas and this has worked amazingly well at soothing
and clearing up the effected area quickly.

I just apply this to his bottom and along the creases of skin as recommended on the tube after
each nappy change and it has kept him comfortable and his skin baby soft and smooth.

Moisturising Cream
RRP: $13.20 (250g)
This pH balanced, lanolin, fragrance and propylene glycol free moisturising cream is just lovely!
As part of our night time routine, all 3 of us moisturise our whole bodies after bathing/showering
before we get dressed for bed and whilst my skin prefers a nice, thick, rich night cream to keep
me looking youthful (well it's does it's best!) I have been keeping this QV Baby Moisturising
Cream especially just for them. 

Whilst I love a variety of different scented body butters, creams and souffles, my little ones aren't
so keen. (Especially fussy little Miss 3!) So to be able to use a nice big tub of this which is
fragrance free is perfect as they don't question it and it doesn't irritate their sensitive little noses!

The fact that the QV brand itself was first developed in the Queen Victoria hospital back in 1975
beginning with their ever famous Bath Oil makes me feel at ease and I trust completely in this brand
and that it is the best range of products I could be using for my babies.

Hand Cream
RRP: $6.49 (50g)
Now onto this lovely, pampering, must have product for the hard working mums out there!
Most of us are aware that our hands are ones of the first parts of our bodies to show our age.
When you think about it, we use our hands probably more than another other part of our bodies.
Only over the past 5 or so years have I really begun to notice the stress my hands have been put
under over the years. I especially feel they get quite a beating from all of the cleaning I do/have done!
(Both at home and in various jobs I've had in the past.)

Applying a good hand cream is an essential part of my night time routine these days. I always keep
a tube or tub of it beside my bed to I can massage it into my hands, nails, cuticles and up to my
wrists each night right before I fall asleep. This QV Hand Cream has taken over prime position
lately and let me tell you, my hands feel so good come morning! They feel so soft and relaxed!
This stuff is so moisturising I'm even considering using it on my feet as they are a part of my
body which constantly need moisturising and always feel dry and the skin gets tough and hard the
moment I start neglecting it! >_<

Moisturising Day Cream
RRP: $14.99 (75g)
I have been after a new day cream for a while now as I've just been slapping on any old foundation
or BB cream I have needing to be used up. So whilst doing this I have been skipping the vital
step of moisturising my face and applying any kind of SPF! (Naughty! Naughty!!)

Since using this under whatever makeup worn (if any!) each day, has been really beneficial! 
This contains a massive SPF of 30, which coming into QLD's stinking hot Summer is absolutely essential and I will be using this all throughout the new year for sure as I am demanded daily to play out in the yard with my 3 year old, playing in the sand pit and jumping on the trampoline whilst the weeds and stray bits of grass popping up in places they're not meant to looking on and mocking me! (Meanies!) >_<

I have normal type skin and this has been working well and completely agreeing with me
without any irritations or complaints. Highly recommend this one!

QV Skincare is available to purchase from the following stores...

Chemist Warehouse
Chemmart Pharmacy
Amcal Pharmacy
Terry White
+ more!
(See their website for more stockists!)

Which product do you like the sound of the best?
Aren't these duckies the cutest?!

To discover more products from QV make sure you check out their official website below!

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