Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Glowing Summer Skin

With St.Tropez!

Bronzing Mousse
RRP: $19.95 (50ml)
My little 50ml travel size can is perfect for someone like me who doesn't tan year round,
but likes to give it a go every now and again, especially if I'm going out somewhere like the
pool or the beach and don't want to look too much like I live in an igloo!

This Bronzing Mousse comes complete with a pump nozzle which dispenses out around about
a fifty cent size amount of dark brown foam onto your skin. It is recommended to apply this with
a tanning mitt, which I do have, but was too lazy to find, so on this occasion I just used my hands
and well, let's just say now I know why you should wear a tanning mitt because this stuff likes to
turn your hands a toasty shade of black!

Not that I particularly care. I just gave my hands a good wash and scrub and now my hands
are almost back to their original pasty white colour. Besides that, when it comes to the application
and overall finished effect this tanning mousse gives, I rate it rather high! I just rubbed it into my
skin in the recommended circular motion and it blended right in and after a few coats gave me a
gorgeous looking, natural bronze glow as shown in the pic below. :)

Body Polish
RRP: $19.95 (200ml)
My smooth, even, streak free glow wouldn't have been quite as perfect looking if it weren't for
my trusty new Summer companion! The St.Tropez Body Polish preps your skin for tanning
by gently exfoliating the skin with tiny little white circular beads which do not scratch your
 skin resulting in a nice, even, fresh surface for the tan to stick to so it appears nice and smooth.

In addition this also helps to maintain and prolong your tan by evenly scrubbing it off your
skin every few days. So if you're wanting to build up your tan gradually over a few days or weeks
 you can still do that and still have a nice, even surface to apply to each time by using this 24
hours before each tan application. You can even use this on your face to scrub away any dead
skin cells if you like to also tan your face. Just mix a little into a gentle cleanser and use together!

Don't forget to moisturise afterwards! This will keep your tan looking fresh and flawless!
Concentrate a little more on the dryer areas of your skin. Knees, elbows, hands and feet
are popular areas for concern. For me, its my back where I tend to get the most dead skin
build up as it's the hardest place to reach when scrubbing!

Is slightly fragranced with a light perfumed scent.

Paraben & Cruelty Free!

Do you self tan?
How do you prep your skin before & after?

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*These products have kindly been sent to me for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own

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