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Active Reverse Facial


You know me (well if you regularly read my blog you do!) I'm a newly converted facial/body
oil advocate and here is another one of my new obsessions from this stunningly beautiful 
luxurious brand for me to share!

Meet my brand new skin saviour which not only makes me look a little less than my actual age,
it also aids in preventing me from ageing any more quickly! If you care about the appearance of
your ageing skin then you need this in your life!

Beautifully designed in a violet box with festive silver trimming, inside you will find this frosted
glass 30ml bottle containing a generous size dropper which you use to dispense out the ever so
slightly fragranced, quick absorbing oil onto your finger tips and massage into your face, neck and

Contains an array of plant extracts and essential oils including Jojoba, Sunflower, Wheat Germ,
Rosa Rubiginosa, Lavender, Linalool, Bitter Orange + more! Together these natural scents
create a relaxing, spa like fragrance which makes you feel pampered and renewed.

This genius formula has been tested and within around 4 weeks you should begin to see a change
in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. My main concerns when it comes to
lines on my face include mainly the deepening of those long horizontal ones (I call them stress lines!)
on my forehead. I also have a few light crows feet plus a few teeny, tiny smile lines! >_<
Needless to say I don't welcome these pesky expression lines and would rather stay looking 25
thank you very much! (I'm 31 in January by the way!)

So bottles of golden liquid such as this are actually worth their weight in gold to me because I
would much rather fight the unwanted signs of ageing as naturally as possible rather than resulting
in any kind of cosmetic surgery as I am terrified of needles and have no desire to look shocked,
plastic or just plain weird!

This has been such a joy to use over the past couple of weeks and my skin is benefiting from
it quite nicely! I feel like my skin is looking firmer, more alive and a little less old and creepy in
the mornings! Considering this is 98% organic and only RRP's for $34.99 (currently just $24.49
at Priceline!) It comes highly recommended here from me to you!

I hope you enjoyed this review and have found it interesting and helpful!
How do you fight ageing skin?
I would love to hear your tips and products that work well!

(A facial in a box for Christmas? Yes please!)

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*This product has kindly been sent to me for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own

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  1. I wake up a bit crêpey in the mornings, (probably a bit creepy too).
    I hope for your sake that was just a typo. In my case it's not.
    I made the switch to facial oil only a few months ago & I'm SOLD! I've tried jojoba & also macadamia oil, ♥ both.