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February 2015!

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This months Bellabox was quite a treat in general and for myself especially!!
 As someone who used to buy way too many and hold on to a rediculous amount of beauty mags,
I no longer purchase them, but still secretly LOVE to read them and drool all over the pages! ;)

I did have the opportunity to choose between Cosmo, Elle or Harpers but decided I wanted it to be
a complete surprise as I knew I'd be happy with any one of them. So when my parcel arrived
 with Harpers Bazaar written all over the satchel I couldn't wait to rip it open and delve inside!

I have always admired and had a mega girl crush on Miranda Kerr. Just look at her!
She is perfect. I am so happy with this issue and have already spent hours reading it!

Onto the contents of the box!
I still miss the nice sturdy blue spotted box which Bellabox used to house their samples in
as it is perfect to store beauty samples and other odds and ends in. This yellow box is still cute,
however, I don't see myself keeping and re-using it. Bummer!

Not a shade I would reach out to purchase. However greys are very much the trend right now
so I will give this a go.... with glitter!

Not a huge fan of the scent, however the formula is gorgeous and I'm already addicted to it!

Soak Superfood Skincare Skin Booster Body Lotion
This brand is completely new to me so I am looking forward to learning more about them!

These tiny little sample tubes are adorable and this smells really natural and fresh.
Can't wait to lather this all over my face! :)

As you will see in my February Empties post coming very soon, I have been very much into
masks this month, so I won't need to stock up now that I have this on to try! Yay!

Zk'in Certified Organic Line Smoothing Serum
Bellabox must think I'm old.... but that's ok, the truth is what it is. MEAN! haha!
No not really, I love anti-ageing skincare. I'll try anything to stop the clock. So these will be great!

I've heard lots about this brand and this product in-particular. I don't care too much about the
size of my lips, however I'll give anything a go for fun!

(Or satchet in this case!)
I have never had a face lift before, so this should be interesting. I wonder if I'll look any
different after using this?

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Let me know which mag you chose or received!

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