Friday, February 6, 2015


~ January Favourites ~

What a crazy month January is! New years and many birthdays including my own! :)
It's such a happy month (apart from the dreadfully steamy weather!) as it means holidays,
family time and relaxing! I love it!

Here are the products I've been loving the most during the start of the new year!
Plenty of Summery looking items, I realize now that I am looking at the pic above.
Guess that's just how it goes when the weather heats up. You gotta find product
that work with the seasons. There is always an overwhelming variety to choose from
so I will share with you the ones which have worked for me which are obviously my
January Favourites!


Physicians Formula Bronze Booster
I have been using this ever so sparingly (as I don't want to ruin the intricate sun imprint)
 on the highest point on my cheek bones for a little sun kissed effect.
This bronzer is so beautiful!
Read my full review here!

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation
Even though this foundation is still a bit dark for my skin tone, (I explain how I lighten it to
match my current skin tone here.) I cannot stop going back to it as the forumulation just does an
amazing job and is so different to all of my other foundations. It just makes my skin look so good
and I really enjoy applying this as it's a dream to work with.
Read my full review here!

Nicole By OPI in 'Some Hearts'
If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you'll know I have been loving this
hue this month, which I recieved in my Girlfriend's The Parcel since it is the month of love and all! ;)
The coral/pinky/red (somewhere inbetween those shades!) is such a perfect Summer colour!
It fits in perfectly with all of my Summer dresses, short shorts and lose bold coloured tops
and various white pieces. (I love wearing lots of white in Spring/Summer!)

Paula's Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam
I have been working on building up my tan to match the weather with this lately and am
totally in love! There is absolutely no weird scent to this and it drys super fast!
Stay tuned for a full review coming soon!

Paula's Choice RESIST Youth Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid
I have been using this on it's own on days when I am home and not wearing makeup and
mixed in with my Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation on days I am out and about.
It keeps my skin from looking shiny at the end of the day and still contains SPF to protect
my skin from the sun. Creates the illusion of peeeerfect skin!
Read my full review here!


Natural World Coconut Water Weightless Hair Oil
Recently I decided I'd have enough of my hair. It was getting way too long.
(Just past the tip of my butt!) Add that to it being thick and frizzy wizzy and it was
annoying as hell so I gave myself the chop and literally cut half of it off before I
showered one night! It isn't really all that shocking as I usually always cut my own hair
and it feels so much lighter and a whole lot more managable now! This product has been
a great treat at giving my new hair lengh some TLC. The difference in appearance and feeling
has turned me nto one of those annoying people who constantly touch their hair!
Stay tuned for a full review coming soon!

Scunci Everyday & Active No Damage Reflective Hair Elastics
Such a basic, everyday item, yet one I had to mention! These keep me sane in many ways!
One, because there are so many in this pack so if I loose one, who cares I have a million
spare! Two, they are snagless so they don't get all caught up in my hair causing knots and pain!
Three, the 3 different varient in design you see in the pic above are actually reflective and light
up in the dark like a bike safety light! They're so cool! :)
Watch my Scunci hair tutorials here!

What were your favs for Jan?
Did you discover new items or uncover some oldies stashed away?

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