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   FOR HER!   

I think women seem to quite unfairly have the reputation as being complicated beings.
However I have to disagree. Not just because I am in fact a woman and understand us completely!
But because I feel like men are simple beings and just need a little shall we say 'help?' in the
area of gift giving!

Let me break it down for you guys!

We love to shop. 
We want things we don't need.
 AND we want compliments. - Lots of them, all the time. 
Even if you've already told us once. Tell us everyday. 
Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Just 'Your hair looks so pretty today babe!'
Or 'You smell amazing, what are you wearing?' 
(Even if you don't care what kind of perfume we have on, ask us anyway and pretend to
listen, we love talking about that stuff!)
Just do it! Ok? Ok!
 (This is an simple, easy way to get in and stay in our good books!)

Below I share with you some gifts I am almost positive she will love!
Good luck, mate!

Starting from the first square, top left and working through...

'It's Written In The Stars' Mini Gold Notebook
Notebooks come in handy in hundreds of ways.
Writing something as simple as 'Love You' inside would be just....'Awwww!'

Kate Spade Holly Drive Compact 'Darling' Mirror
Call us 'Darling' it's endearing and sweet.
We also love mirrors for touch ups on the go. 

NY Posy Court Turquoise Vase
The quote on this vase says 'A Smile If The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear'
which is very romantic coming from someone we love. Fill it with our favourite blooms
for extra points!

Heart Jewellery Box
Anything with hearts is romantic and shows us you love us.
If you hide extra little surprises inside the box, well done!

Miniphant Money Box
Aside from the cuteness of this money box.
You could always pop some cash of gift cards to your woman's favourite
stores inside! (We love to shop remember!) ;)

Swann Imports Abstract Black & White Book Box (Set Of 2)
Everybody has secrets, especially women. We need a place to hide them and
these also look great as decor. Feel free to put chocolates or candy inside before
you give these to us though!

Gold Linen Match Box Sleeve
We usually love to have romantic candles lit, especially on Valentine's Day/Night!
So gifting us some pretty candles or just having them lit around the house for when we
come home or in the bathroom around the bubble bath you've just prepared for us, then
having this pretty matchbox makes everytime we light a candle just all that more elegant.
We like pretty things, even if they are just simple things like a box of matches!

London Cascading Floral Sweetheart Dress
If you know your woman well enough to know her size and what dresses or clothing items are on
her wish list, then buying for us to wear on Valentine's Day is gold!
You may get subtle hints which we know you guys are usually oblivious to, so pay attention!!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
If your girl is into makeup and doesn't own one of these yet, chances are she wants one!
Don't ask questions, you will never understand. We just neeeed it, ok? It makes us happy!

Heart Print Socks
These are a cute gift, but only if they're super cute socks! Like these ones with hearts
are themed with the day so she should be pretty happy with these. Just make sure this
is not the only gift you give to her!

Heart Photo Frame
Try to pick up a frame that goes with your woman's taste. If she likes pink, get pink.
Have a look around her appartment or just ask her her favourite colour.
Pick out a happy snap of you both and put it in the frame. It's a thoughtful gift that shows
a bit of effort.

Rose Gold Tone Large Stone Stretch Bracelet
Personally, at the moment I am all into Rose Gold things. However, make sure you suss
out your womans preferred jewellery colour first. It might be gold or silver!
See what she wears most and go with that!

Wrapped In Love Diamond Ring
If it's got diamonds in it, we will love it. Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!
Just don't buy us cheap, fake jewellery. We can do that ourselves.
We want the real deal from you so that we can keep it forever!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume
This has been a very popular perfume among women this past year, so this could be a winner!
Contains notes of Jasmine, Lychee, Pear, Grapefruite, White Woods & Musk to name a few!
It is gorgeous! If anything she should at least love the pretty bottle, that's half the reason we
buy perfume! Truth!

GHD Rose Gold Limited Edition Straightener
If she straightens her hair regularly and it's not a GHD, I recommend splurging on one
for her. If we don't own one, we all want one and they are available in a range of different
colours including turquoise and purple so go with a colour that she loves!

Clinique Party Lips & Nails
Lipsticks and nail polish are no brainers for most women.
Clinique is a lovely brand that make top quality products. She is sure to love
some pretty new shades to play with and appreciate you going into the women's department
to purchase them! Or if that sounds too much, you can always purchase online!
So there you go fellas! I hope this helps you!
We're simple creatures, chocolate, jewellery, compliments & little
things that show us you care.


What are you hoping for this Valentine's Day?

If you're interested in seeing my recomendations for 'HIM' then head on over here. :)

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  1. Oohh! I love this post Candyfairy! I accidentally clicked on the pic I like and it directed me to the website where I can buy it! That is so nice! Love it!
    What do I love to get? All those rose gold items!!! Almost pink gold is love!!! :)

  2. Thanks SF! Yep, just trying to make life a bit easier for those poor old guys who struggle with gift giving! :)
    Rose Gold is soooo pretty hey!! :D