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~ Tanning Through The Seasons ~

My DIY Self Tanning Routine!

Transitioning From Summer Through Winter!

Self tanning can be a tricky thing. A skill many of us let a professional take control of
for us. There are so many things that can go wrong. Too light, too dark, too orange, streaky,
un-even, leaving marks all over your car seats, coach, bed sheets, etc and that off putting fake
tan smell. The whole point of a fake tan, is to get that golden looking glow without risking your
health by going the natural or solarium route. At the end of the day, we all want our tan to look 
natural and flawless.

However, DIY-ing isn't as hard or scary as it sounds. It's just like experimenting with makeup
and figuring out what works, what doesn't and making mistakes and learning from them.

Using good quality products definitiely helps, and with the right tools and techniques you can
have north coast, holiday, 'I've just spend my whole life at the beach' looking skin in no time
and for a fraction of the salon price!

It's really easy once you get the hang of it and once it becomes routine you will wonder why you
ever got almost naked for a complete stranger in an awkward paper G-string in the first place!

Below I will share with you the products currently in my self tanning routine I am using
 to get flawless, glowing, tanned skin year round with some hints and tips along the way!

Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor
For All Skin Types!
RRP: $12.69
Review (Buy!)
I feel like this first step goes pretty much without me having to say it.
If you don't wax, then shave your legs before you tan! If you wait until afterwards, you'll
ruin all of your hard work and shave the tan away... Nobody wants to see hairy legs, so if
you're going to flaunt it, make it count!

Body Polish
For All Skin Types!
RRP: $19.95
Review (Buy!)
There is nothing more I love than a good all over body scrub and this one is particually
suited to help maintain and prep your skin for tanning. The circular beads are not to harsh
or scratchy and therefore making sure your tan applies and eventually fades away
smooth and even. 

Daily Moisture
For Dry Skin!
RRP: $5.99
Review (Buy!)
I feel like this is a step a lot of people skip when self tanning. Moisturising is so
important for our skin, not only to keep it looking fresh, soft and youthful. It also provies
a smooth and even base for your tan to stick to, giving you the most flawless, streak free
glow you absolutely want!

Paula's Choice
Sun 365 Self-Tanning Foam
For All Skin Types!
RRP: $16.80
My current self tanner of choice is this one by Paula's Choice, for a number of reasons.
The main reason is because it is buildable and creates the most natural results!
Just one application gives you a subtle glow. Apply 5-10 and your a super bronzed,
sun kissed looking goddess! Not dodgy tanning smell as it is scent free.
No messy tanning stains all over my bathroom as the formula simply pumps out into my
 hand light as a feather for controlled application.

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Are you a DIY self tanner?
Let me know your tips & tricks below!

Let's follow each other! 

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