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Where to buy it for a fraction of the RRP!

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I am a bargain hunter, a deal maker,
a money saver, stint, stingy, tight... however you'd like to put it!

Truth is I just like to make the most of my hard earned dollar!
I work hard for it, so I'm not just going to burn it away paying more than I have to for anything!
I always always have some set aside for an emergency.
My kids come first! My (however short) life experience has taught me to make sure
 we'd be ok if shit were to one day hit the fan!

A major passion of mine is and has always been all about beauty.


I mean, this blog consists of about 80% beauty and about 20% other stuff I also love.

So when I recently noticed GroceryRun was holding one of their Freebie Fridays,
as they do every now and again, I was straight on that site frantically adding every freebie
I could find into my cart, along with the impossible to pass up 1 cent items and of course
their $4.50 ESSIE NAIL POLISH!!! WHAT?! Yep! Genuine Essie which normally
retails at around $16.95! (This price varies depending on where you shop).

DJ Play That Song (left) & Pink About It (right)

Nail polish is a major weakness of mine, with OPI topping my favourites list.
This however, is my first Essie purchase! I have been lusting over them for FOREVERRR,
but could never bring myself to splurge on them since it isn't exactly a product that I need.
I just want them all (like every single colour, because I'm greedy...) really, really bad!

Other beauty items I hauled...!
(Left to right)
Oral-B Toothbrush $0.00
Colgate Total Toothpaste 45g $0.01
Lady Jayne Hair Extention $0.00
Velvet Moisturising Goats Milk $0.01
Cameo Retractable Lip Brush $0.00
Manicare GlamNails Purple Pen $0.00

Not bad considering I also purchased a bunch of other stuff
and all up it ended up being under $10 + $9.95 for shipping.

Happy days!

If you haven't already, I suggest you sign up to GroceryRun's newsletter
and keeping your eye out for their Freebie Friday deals, they are awesome!

Links To Other Places To Save You BIG $$$ on Your Essentials!
(Cos things like Nail Polish is definitely an essential....right? Of course!)
And who doesn't love FREE SHIPPING?!

Happy Shopping! :)

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*I use Cuponation to find and keep track of different coupons and beauty deals!

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