Wednesday, September 24, 2014


~ Nails Of The Day! ~


Essie in DJ Play That Song! 

I recently picked up this fun new shade for Spring for a bargain price
from GroceryRun for $4.50!

To achieve this solid colour I applied three coats plus a clear top coat
for a glossy lasting finish.

I then found some nail jewels I just had laying around which I'd never
touched or played with. So this was my first time experimenting!

Having done quite a few of these NOTD posts now, it has made
me realize just how much detail the camera clearly picks up when
photographing my nails. Every flaw which would normally go unnoticed
is magnified and stands out like crazy!

This gave me an idea...
 As you can see in the picture below, I have added
some gold glitter in a line using a clear polish as the 'glue'.
Everyone knows how small specs of glitter are. They're surprisingly
easy to work with. I just used the end of a thin makeup brush with the
tiniest (and I mean smaller than pin head!) drop of clear polish on the end
to help pick up each loose peice of glitter to then place onto my nail.
I do this immediently after applying a clear top coat so that the glitter sticks.

I am loving the result and am getting a glamorous Arabic feel about it.
I feel like the colours and textures used appear quite royal.
With the signature royal purple shade. The gold circle gold, kind of reminds
me of coins and the ruby squares make me think of precious jewels and gems.

I am thoroughly enjoying the experimentation with nail art at the moment,
and feel like I am improving each time I try something different.

Are you into nail art?
What are you hints & tips?

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  1. The base colour is divine, what a bargain! I love the placement of the jewels, they really glam up this nail look xx

    1. Thank you!! I love doing different nail techniques and playing with crazy colours. :)

  2. So pretty Candy - my how resourceful you are, and I just love all the cute and funky things you do with glitter. I get the Arabic theme - this would be perfect next time you go belly dancing! Lol I'm just kidding hon, it's gorgeous and fun and perfect for every day too. Lovely artistic photography as well - have a beaut Friday!

    1. Haha Kat, oh god belly dancing!!!! 0_o Now that would be hilarious! :P Thank you for your kind comments about my nails, they're far from perfect, but I have fun trying. :) xx