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~ Indeed Laboratories ~


Howdie do there!

So over the past couple of weeks I've been completely dedicated to trialling a
brand new (to me at least) range of products from a brand I'd actually not
heard a lot about prior, Indeed Laboratories. 
What I had heard though was very positive with a lot of rave reviews
 floating around blogs and other places I frequent all over the web. 
Needless to say I couldn't wait to get my hands into these colourful boxes
and start the journey of transforming my ageing 30 year old face into my
former 20 something, smoother, plumper, wrinkle free skin again!

Here are my thoughts and how I went...

In case you can't tell, I adore hot pink so this was the first box and product
I dug into. And can I just say the tubes are actually like a matte finish.
Not just boring, old, shiny, regular white plastic like you'd probably expect.
These look and feel quite up there in terms of quality and appearance. 
I likey, likey!! :D

So onto the actual Moisture Booster. I have normal skin, so I'm not too
concerned about hydration apart from the fact that I know the more you moisturise
the better because dry skin causes premature ageing and wrinkles.
(which is why I lather up after every shower....that and the overload of products
I'm trying to work through!) But anyway, what I liked most about this serum
was the way it worked which I guess is kind of like a sponge where the high quality
ingredient Hyaluronic Acid holds up to a thousand times it's weight in water!
So you can imagine how much moisture it's keeping in your skin with the small
amount you apply to your face each day. It claims over time to reduce the need for
constant hydration, increases skin elasticity and reduces rough skin.

I don't know how long until you don't need to keep moisturising, I guess after a
few tubes you'd start to notice a feeling of baby supple skin. Or so I'd hope!
So far my skin is reacting well to it. I love serums in general because to me, I
think they do a lot more work for your skin than moisturisers. It's recommended
to still use a moisturiser with this product underneath like you normally would after
applying a serum which I have been doing. My skin does seem to be softer, smoother
and more hydrated. I have enjoyed using this and will continue to do so.

So far so good!

These 'Blur' products seem to have exploded into the beauty world recently
and much like the super popular BB Creams, everyone is going nuts over
this new invention and it's fast becoming a must have anti ageing product for
everyone who wants a quick fix, including me!

Everyone has a little imperfection here and there they wish would go away
and no amount of makeup or concealer will fix it. I'm mainly referring to
fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin which without botox or some other kind of
procedure, you are pretty much stuck with them. This product claims
to in fact as the name suggests, blur them, including enlarged pores, which is
one of my biggest beauty peeves. I also have a few fine lines and I think the skin
under my chin is beginning to sag, although luckily no one else seems to think so.

To look a whopping ten years younger is just forty seconds is a very brave claim
to make, so I just had to put it to the test and for me to notice the difference, it took
around the thirty five second mark after application that I noticed the fine lines
which are most noticeable around my eye area had totally disappeared! Like I
mean, they, we're....GONE!! No joke. I seriously didn't think it would work that well!
I usually only see my fine lines get better after applying a really good eye cream
religiously everyday for a few weeks, and even then the results are nowhere near
as impressive as this product! This has also worked amazingly well at hiding the
pores around my nose and cheek area. It worked so much better than a primer
as with a primer I find I need to use so much more product to blur away my pores,
whereas with this I only needed to use a really small amount.

Loving it!

My first impression of this product from reading the name with the word 'resurfacer'
in it I thought it would be an exfoliant. But then I also read the word 'retinol' which
I know as a powerful, anti ageing skincare ingredient my mum used religiously
when I was growing up. So I wasn't sure what to expect from a product claiming to
resuface my skin using not one but three forms of retinol!

This product is supposed to give you softer, smoother skin whilst being moisturising
and working on those annoying fine lines and wrinkles! I love using night creams
and never miss doing it. I know that it's when we sleep the skin works it's hardest to
repair itself. So slapping on a good night cream is essential in aiding in the skin's
reproduction and healing. I was excited to try something new as I'd previously
been slaving away trying to use up an old one I wasn't really enjoying, so needless
to say, this one has been much more fun to use! The pump top makes it easy to use
and mess free. You only need about a quarter of a five cent peice worth of product
and that's about all you get from each pump. Perfect, no wastage!


Overall, using all three of these anti ageing products over the past few weeks
everyday has had me feeling and looking much younger than I feel most days,
just to be honest. I usually feel at least 40! Now I've got the outside looking
younger, I just need to work on feeling younger on the inside!

Any tips?

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* These products were kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own

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