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Hydro Silk Razor

Thanks to Beautyheaven & their wonderful Trial Team a little 
while ago, I was given the opportunity to trial and review this
 pretty awesome product. I figured I have mentioned this razor in
 almost all of my empties posts and raved about how great it is, 
but haven't actually done a review post on it! So here we go....!
Initially I used this razor on my left leg and continued to use my
 old razor on the right for about a week to really see 
the difference it made and boy did it ever!
I had totally forgotten how absolutely fabulous my legs can 
feel after shaving with such a high quality product like this one. 
Before I had been using a cheap brand because I just happened
 to have a bunch I found in my bathroom and wanted to use them up. 
In the end I feel just ended up chucking them out and sticking with the the Schick! 
The difference is quite big and surprised me!
My skin is so much smoother, softer and moisturised as well as the 
appearance being so much more attractive! I had forgotten what I was missing out on.
 Now I know it isn't my legs that are making me feel like they look
 a bit 'meh' but the razor I had been using! 
Nice to know I did actually have some ok looking pins underneath
 those sore, spiky, bumpy, ingrown hairs. 
Hello Spring! :D
I love the moisture strip on the razor and how it keeps your
 legs moisturised for up to 2 hours after shaving. I admit I top up 
the moisturising after that 2 hours is up anyway, especially at night
 as it is just a part of my routine and I find my skin loves me
 more in the morning if I do this. But is does feel amazing 
straight after you've hopped out of the shower.
The firm rubber grip handle is great because it doesn't slip 
and slide around in your hand, so it is nice and safe to use because
 you're unlikely to drop it. The little suction razor holder is 
very handy to store your razor on in the shower too. 
Very good thinking!
The blades stay nice and sharp even after a week of shaving with the same blade.
 It is still giving me the closest, smoothest shave and I am yet
 to nip or cut myself which is awesome!
Highly recommended product and I have continued to purchase since the trial.

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What is your razor of choice or do you prefer to wax?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own 

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