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~  S U M M E R   S K I N   P R E P ! ~

With Andrea!

                                  Dare To Bare!

Why oh why are women of this day and age still born with so much unwanted annoying hair?!
Like seriously! I don't know about you, but I think evolution is a bit behind the eight ball in
this department because I have so much unwanted hair which just keeps insisting on 
growing back, it's enough to keep the hair removal business in full swing until the end of time!

Like seriously, maybe ten million years ago it was great to be covered head to toe in
plenty of body hair to protect our skin from the element, but we live indoors now and
wear things called clothes to protect our bodies, etc. You get the picture, anyway so
thank goodness we're a smart little species to come up with clever little products to make
all of our hair nightmares go away in a strip and a flash!

Gentle Creme BLEACH for the FACE
RRP: $19.95
I naturally have olive skin, but it's pretty white because I don't let my skin naturally tan
in the sun. It isn't sensitive but I do have very dark hair not only growing out of my head,
but just about everywhere else too! >_<

If god forbid you were ever forced to look super up close to my face you'd see plenty of little
imperfections! I have that super embarrassing upper lip hair that because of my naturally dark
hair shade if just left to it's own devices, is super noticeable!

I've gone down the path of waxing my upper lip in the past and wouldn't in a million years
recommend doing it! It's hurts almost as much as a brazilian as the skin in this area is sooo
sensitive and not at all as tough as say your legs which most of us are used to striping wax
on and off of with little or no feeling. This area however feels every single little hair being pulled!
Major ouch!

Needless to say I have been super excited to use this product and it has made me so so happy!
Totally pain free and every hair is barely detectable! Woohoo!

This bleaching pack for your face by Andrea comes with everything you need and is so easy to use!
It works a little like when bleaching your hair - you mix the Gentle Creme Activator and the
Gentle Creme Bleach together into the little mixing tray with the tiny spatchula provided and
it's as simple as that, you're ready to begin applying. All you need to do is leave the formula onto
your desired area for ten minutes and then just rinse off with cool water. You should see results
straight away! I found this also great to use between my eyebrows and onto my mini sideburns!

Brazilian HARD WAX
RRP: $14.95
I have in the past use so many different kinds of waxes before and I have to say this one is
one of my favourites. For starters the large 113g pot of wax won't just last me one waxing job
but several so already I am totally getting my monies worth. When it comes to forking at
upwards of $25+ just to get my legs waxed at a fancy salon, I'd much rather save myself the
shame of walking from my car to the salon with super hairy pins and DIY at home with a
product designed to do just as good a job at a fraction of the price! Besides, I can totally
create my own fancy atmosphere complete with pretty music, candles and relaxing scents! ;)

This particular Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax is just that, hard. So you need to very carefully
pop the tub into the microwave for a very short time, watching it carefully to make sure you
get a nice, creamy consistency which isn't too hot or not melted enough.

The pack comes with two sticks to help you simply and easily apply the wax to your
desired bikini area and also a small bottle which contains pre-epilation oil which you apply
before waxing to help prepare the sensitive area of skin. There are also detailed instructions
included so weather of not you're a cautious first timer or an experienced pro the detailed
step-by-step guide will help you through it all the way from start to finish.

Are you a waxer, shaver or a mix of both?
Have you ever ventured into bleaching or getting a brazilian?

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs and opinions are my own

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