Sunday, October 26, 2014


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   Bioactive Solutions!

Smooth & Renew
Gentle Exfoliating
This product has been a constant favourite of mine for most of the year.
Ever since I first started using it it hasn't let me down.
I love using scrubs in general. Weather it's my face or my whole body, I love
that feeling and how it buffs away all those old dead skin cells to make way for the
new whilst keeping any dirt, pollution and grime from clogging up the pores and
creating skin irritations or acne.
This product leaves my skin feeling so loved and looking renewed and refreshed!
Australian, natural & cruelty free, what's not to love?

Instant Moisture
Skin Quenching & Protecting
I have been using this product daily in my skincare routine over the
past couple of weeks and have really been enjoying it along with these other
products in the range. Being outside with my kids on a daily basis and playing
out in the sun means it is important to me that my skin is protected.
I love that this contains an SPF of 15 so I can relax knowing my face and neck
won't get damaged. The scent is very natural and smells very moisturising.
A bit like a nature walk. (Close your eyes and imagine that for a moment. Ah,
how relaxing!) The formula looks like sunscreen but the texture doesn't have
that thick, greasy feel, thankfully! It is super easy to work into the skin and
leaves your skin soft and ready for makeup application. 

Refresh & Balance
Hydrating & Soothing
I haven't used a whole lot of mist toners before. I use just your normal liquid
toners daily, but the mist ones are pretty new to me. I am so in love with this one
though, I have to say! It is so easy to use with the basic spray nozzle.
Since the weather has quickly been heating up here recently, this has been a
wonderful product to help cool and calm down my hot, flushed skin. The smell is
so uplifting and fresh with the citrus fruits - lime, orange and mandarin.
It does a great job at waking me up in the morning when I use it on a cotton ball to tone all over my
 face and neck. I've yet to use this to ease any sunburn but I'll be for sure
packing this into my beach bag this Summer just in case! 

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs and opinions are my own


  1. I love the sound of this product, I will need to try it. Thanks for sharing you review :)

    Lennae xxx

    1. Hi Lennae! Thanks for stopping by! :D They really are just lovely products! xo