Tuesday, October 21, 2014


~ P O L I S H E D   L O N D O N ~


Blighty Brunette!

You know what I just love about dry shampoos?
Not only do they absorb any excess oil from my roots on second or third day old un washed hair,
add loads of much needed volume and texture on certain days, BUT they also make my hair
smell so fresh, clean and amazing, even on days when it secretly isn't!

What's in particularly clever about this specific Polished London dry shampoo, 
is that it is designed specifically for brunette hair, so NO WHITE RESIDUE!

Omg thank you! Yay!

The formula itself is actually brown, so it doesn't make my hair appear grey.
Such a smart little can of goodness!

You could almost use it as a back up wash off spray tan if you were absolutely desperate!
I sprayed a little spot on my leg to see what it was like before I put it through my hair,
and it left a brown spot, so you never know! It dries almost instantly but does rub off
easily as well, so probably not the greatest idea as it would probably ruin your couch or 
whatever your skin touched. Buy hey, who knows, let me know if you try it!
Even if it was just for a photo of something so you didn't look ghostly pale.

Anyhow, at least I can confidently say it does a perfect job at being itself - a dry shampoo!
As with all dry shampoos, you need to hold the can about 30cm away from your head
and then start spraying to get the best results. I would recommend popping a towel around your
shoulders whilst doing so so you don't get any off spray on your clothes.

If you're a novice dry shampoo user or just don't like the thought of it getting on your
clothes or anywhere else, then you can always just spray a bit onto your hair brush and
distribute it through that way. Works just as well and gives you a little more control.

RRP: $4.99

For more info please visit http://www.polishedlondon.com!

Also available in -
 Bristol Bloom (Pink Can)
 Bonny Blonde (Yellow Can)
 Cornwell Coconut (Blue Can)
(Each one has it's own unique scent!)

What are your tips on how to use dry shampoo?
Do you use one for your specific hair type?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs and opinions are my own

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