Monday, October 13, 2014


A R E   Y O U . .
S O . . . ?

                     S I N F U L  !

Ahhh! No, no, noooo! I'm not ready for the year to end yet! Not even close!

Over the years I have been pretty good at adding different things here and there
to my "pressie box" so when it comes time to organise presents and wrap gifts I'm
not caught off guard or left wondering where on earth I'm going to find the $$ to buy
everyone something come Christmas day.

This year however just seems to have escaped me!
Between juggling 2 kids, this blog, youtube channel, social media, emails, family,
friends, day to day 'stuff' and trying to help out with my & my husbands business,
each and every day passes by so fast. I am SO busy!

Yet, I can't complain. 2014 has been an amazing year!

However, putting this and that away for Christmas has been one of the last
things on my mind!

Today I want to share with you a giftset from So...?
which I think would make the perfect gift!

This brand of perfumes has been around since my early teens!
I remember winning a bottle of theirs way back when I was 13 out of Dolly mag!
I still even remember the scent. It was called So...? Inspired!
It was my very first perfume and I loved it! :)

Gift Set Trio!

Eau De Toilette
Includes top notes of mint & pineapple, middle notes of violet & strawberry
and base notes of vanilla, praline & musk.
Quite a bold scent which is bound to get you noticed.

Perfumed Body Lotion
The body lotion scent is as strong as the perfume.
So you could really get away with wearing either one, or have the lotion
as a back up for when your perfume runs out.
A creamy white texture which soaks in nicely and lasts all day!

Lip Balm
I am a sucker for lip balms and I especially love the cute little potted ones
such as this. A natural, ever so slightly tinted balm which actually doesn't have
much to a scent to it at all! I love how it feels on my lips though, so super smooooth!!

Have you made a start on your Christmas shopping yet?
Do you like to give and/or receive gift sets?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own 


  1. I love Sinful! It smells so pretty, I think it's my favourite one. Never won perfume from Dolly mag but did win a massive Libra pack lol

    1. It's a pretty beautiful scent, I don't own anything else like it, so its nice to add to the collection. :)
      A Libra pack, that's awesome & that stuff always comes in handy!! :D xx

  2. I have never tried sinful before but it definitely sounds something I would love to try one day
    I have not started my Christmas shopping yet because I'm way too busy �� I'm always late when it comes I Christmas shopping lol


    1. It's so easy to leave it to the last minute because it just seems to creep up on us so fast, hey!?
      I need to get on it stat because I need to get a lot of presents organised!! xo

  3. Normally I too am organised putting presents away early so come mid December I have everything bought and wrapped. But not this year. I'm yet to start. However with all the lovely Christmas gift packs etc I'm sure I'll be right for all the female rellies and friends at least. It's the male presents I struggle with the most.

    1. I struggle with the males as well. They don't seem to have the same urge to want as many things as us females!! ;) haha!

  4. Hi Candice, just popping back in to let you know I have a post going live tomorrow - 12/11 with the original So...? perfume gift set and have added a link to this post should anyone want to see the Sinful pack, please let me know if you'd prefer I didn't link to you :)