Thursday, October 2, 2014


Another month successfully completed & another lot of products to hit the bin!
Whoohoo! As much as I enjoy each and every product, I can't help but get
excited when I finish one off because it means I can get stuck into
something new! :)

Below is an overview of the products I managed to use up last month.
I mixed batch. Those 2 big bottles of moisturiser were my greatest
achievements!  They're hard work to get through, but my skin is
thanking me. Being Spring and quickly becoming hotter and hotter,
it's nice to have soft, smooth and moisturised skin to show off a little bit.

My old one had had enough and I was through my refills, so I opened up a
new one. Although, I've recently received a different razor to use which I
will be reviewing within the coming weeks, so I've put this one away for a while.

Nivea Body Smooth Care Lotion
Loved this! 
The consistency was perfect. 
It was white and creamy and smooth.
Did a fantastic job! Perfect product!

R+H Honeycomb & Yoghurt Hydrating Body Lotion
This was a product I was happy to see go.
It was nice enough. I'm not familiar with the brand and have no
idea where it came from or how long I've been hoarding it!
The pump was great and it did a good job.
Another big bottle done & dusted! Yay!

Fantastic deodorant, works amazingly well in all situations.
Smells awesome and lasted a good while. 
Would recommend going out & picking one of these up!

Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Wipes
Received these from PinchMe.
They are a great multiuse item.
Perfect for my handbag for messy kids hands and faces
as well as quick clean ups around the house or car.

Mario Badescu Skincare Seaweed Cleansing Soap
Was a little weird.
It didn't foam up at all and I'm not sure it did much cleansing
or anything. Was a pretty green colour though and the smell
was nice. Different, I wouldn't purchase this though, just not for me.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
This was quite nice! I really liked how nice it felt on my skin.
Absorbed quickly and kept my skin looking supple.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm
I've had this far too long and it's finally completely empty! 
I hated having it just sitting there with only a small amount left in it.
So last month I worked hard making sure it used the last of it up by wearing
it as often as I remembered, everyday, reapplying when needed.
It gives your lips a lovely red tint which I love for a natural bitten lip look.

Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel
Ah, this product I want to buy!
Omg, such a beautiful shimmery tint! I used this on my super pale legs
since I've started to wear short and skirts lately with the weather warming up
and it it such a beautiful formula. A buildable light shade which makes your skin
look dewy and golden, plus it smells delicious!!!

L'Oréal Paris Ever Pure Moisture Leave-In Conditioner
I usually love L'Oréal products, but this one just made my hair
greasy, fast! It says to focus just on the ends, so maybe I applied
too much, but it just didn't work for me.

Arbonne Cellular Renewal Masque
Even though this mask warns you of a possible tingling sensation,
and keeping in mind my skin is pretty tough and rarely ever reacts negatively to a product,
unfortunately it did with this one. My skin just felt hot and like it
was on fire! Sad because Arbonne products are generally quite gentle
and in my experience feel amazing on my skin.

Eulactol Cuticle & Nail Cream
A small satchet like this, even to if it's only 1g, took me
ages to use because of only applying it to such a small area.
It was super nice though, I'd buy this.

And, that's a wrap! :)
Let me know you've posted about your empties for the past month,
I'd love to check them out!
Missed yesterday's post? 

Let's follow each other! 

*Some of the products mentioned were sent to me for review
*My opinion of a product will always be honest & based on my own personal experience 


  1. So many empties woohoo!! Looking forward to your next empties post already :) x

    1. Thanks Monique! :) Me too, haha, hopefully I can manage a few more!

  2. Bit random but you have such a pretty bin!! :)

    1. Cheers Amy! You can get them for just a few bucks at Ikea! :)