Thursday, March 10, 2016




I usually tend to think of months with some kind of theme. With December being all about 
Christmas and January the new year & my birthday. February all me thinking all about hearts, 
red roses, romantic dinners and of course LOVE! :) 

So let's see how many empties I managed to work my way through in this romantic month!

Let's make it easy and go from the largest packaging to the smallest...

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor w/ Coconut Milk & Almond Oil
I have said it before and I'll keep on saying it, this is the best razor out there in my opinion!
I have tried a gazillion different kinds and this is by far the most unique and kindest to my skin
which is prone to itching after shaving. I love that I can use this without having to dig around to 
find shaving gel too! (Review!)

TRESemme' Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment
Pretty nice stuff. Has taken my ages to finally get through it. But that can be a good thing! 
Would buy again once I am through with all the others I have to use first. :) (Review!)

Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Body Lotion
You know how I love my body lotions and lather them all over my body on a daily basis. Well this 
one was in one of my most favourite scents - Milk & Honey! I LOVE it! The scent wasn't overly 
powerful though, which in this case I would have preferred. Some products need to tone down their
overpowering scents, but this kind of scent can never get too much for me. It is just so delicious!

I have mentioned this product previously in another article here where I talk about the benefits this
product can have if you suffer from super dry skin. My skin isn't prone to dryness, however this was
still nice to use. It came in my Blogstar prize pack a few years ago, so it needed to be finished up, so I
just used it anyway. Did a good job, I enjoyed it especially on my feet which do get the driest.

Coast To Coast Ultra Gentle Facial Polish w/ Wild Rosella & Oatmeal
I would classify this as quite a gentle exfoliant. Great for sensitive skin types. My skin is normal and
prone to breaking out every now and then and I was actually surprised at how well it kept the pesky
spots at bay. Lasted me ages and every now and then I would also use it to give my legs and feet a
gentle scrub. (Review!)

Dettol Soft On Skin Hand Wash in Vanilla & Coconut
Such an awesome household staple to have all over the house, especially with little ones running
around. I love these because this refill is used in an automatic battery operated dispenser which means
the no touch sensor senses when you hand is placed under it and squirts out just the right amount of
soap per wash, leaving little room for germs to spread! Also smells SO YUM!

Paleo Skincare Spearmint Tallow Bodywash
Received this sample in my recent Native Box which I have reviewed here. Make sure you check
that out for a mini demo so you can see how it works! :)
This brand is new to me and I did enjoy using this. The scent was nice and not too ott. It lathered up
pretty well and made me feel refreshed and smelling minty for the day! 

Avon Shine On Shimmering Lip Gloss is Frost
I am sure that I am not the only one trying to down size their lip gloss/balm stash?
How do so many accumulate so quickly? I must have about 50 and have no clue how I am going to 
get through them all in this life time, but hey I can try! Recently threw away a heap which felt so
relieving! Anyway - The gloss is so cute and shimmery, I really actually enjoyed it. Occasionally 
doubled up using a tiny bit as a bit of a cheek high lighter. 

Lancome Juicy Lip Gloss 
Unfortunately this gloss seemed to separate in the tube. :( Half of the product was a beautiful grape 
shade with a hint of shimmer throughout and the other was just clear, sticky goo. Was not impressed
considering this is probably one of the most expensive lip glosses I have ever invested in. I expect
more from such a higher ended brand. 

And we're done! How are you going with your empties so far for 2016?

Let's follow each other! 

*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
*Not sponsored!

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  1. Oh no, that sucks about the Lancome Juicy Tubes, especially for the price! I definitely need to downsize my lip collection too, so much clutter!

    Di from Max The Unicorn