Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Vivian Long PJ Set

I have been settling quite nicely into my new home over the past two months. The unpacking,
and sorting is done and navigating my way around a new town is finally beginning to become
familiar and really feel like home. Prior to moving however, was a whole lot more chaotic and
I had a LOT of de-cluttering to do! I moved around many times as a child and didn't really have a
lot of things back then. Fast forward to adulthood, a husband and two children later and living in a
place the longest I have ever settled down anywhere for a period of seven years and a lot of stuff
accumulates very sneakily and you don't realise just how much useless 'stuff' you have until you are
forced to go through every single things as you pack.

In saying all of that, I chucked, donated, gave away and sold what feels like close to about half of all
my possessions and that included half my wardrobe! Boy did that feel good! I'll admit it was daunting
at first and I didn't really know where to begin. I ended up going through my clothes about five or six
times over a period of a few weeks, getting rid of more and more each time, each time getting easier
to let go of things and seeing the brighter side!

Included in the de-clutter were a few of my old PJ's which I'd owned for far longer than I care to
admit! Now down to only a few comfy pairs for winter and summer. I now have come to own
my absolute favourite pair which are quite conveniently suitable for wear all year round!

Homebodii Vivian Long PJ Set - $89.00

Let's have a look at these super comfy and very pretty two piece set from Hombodii. Homebodii are
an Australian fashion label from the Gold Coast. You can also find this label in stores such
as Anthropology, The Iconic, White Runway and Revolve Clothing both in store and online.

My pick from this incredibly stunning range is called the Vivian Long from their latest 'Sleep Pretty'
collection. This floral set is made from a soft stretchy fabric which is breathable and keeps my body
 cool throughout the night. It features a button up front on the long sleeve shirt with a handy pocket
on each side. The pants are a little long on my 168cm tall frame, however sits comfortably around my waist with a gentle draw string elastic.

If you are interested in purchasing these pretty PJ's from Homebodii, be sure to take note of their
size chart as this particular set is quite a generous XS. I am generally a size 8, being smaller at the
top and slightly larger on the bottom. This XS is still very roomy and a bit long on both the arms and
legs. Not a huge deal to me, but just an FYI.

Homebodii offer a wide range of not only sexy and beautiful sleepwear, they also have a stunning
 range of feminine dresses, beach wear options and robes. There is even a 100% organic range!

What's your PJ style?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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  1. I'm also moving to a new apartment soon and have to get rid of a lot of stuff, it feels so nice to get rid of the accumulated stuff!
    I love those PJs, so cute and feminine!