Wednesday, November 2, 2016

1000 HOUR

1000 HOUR

Exotic Black Night
If you are after just a basic and classic false eyelash set which acts to enhance what you already have,
then these lashes are for you! They are plain black, straight, two lengths and thicknesses to mimic
what real lashes look like - only enhanced!

Each pack of these twin pack falsies come with it's down small tube of white eyelash glue which
dries clear. I know some people prefer to purchase another kind of lash glue separately, however I
found this glue to work just fine. 

(Worn in image below right!)

Exotic Black Day
This Exotic Black Day pack of lashes is great for everyday wear. They come as a half lash set for you to control how full you want your lash look to be. These lashes are a great length and fan out to sit and look more natural onto the curve of your eye.

These lashes aren't super long or thick, however they are a good half a length longer than my natural
lashes so they do add a little something more to my everyday eye look. More is more in my opinion
when it comes to lashes daaahrling!

(Worn in image above left!)

Daring Twist Night
With the silly season almost here, if you plan to dress up and want a dramatic look then go for these
 Daring Twist Night time lashes! They are out there amazing and make all of the difference!

The lashes criss cross over lapping each other and look so good once applied! The lash hairs
are a mix of dark brown and black which I think is really unique and cool. I would also
 wear these on a night out or other special event or occasion where I was getting really dressed up. The lashes are just beautiful and hands down my favourite of them all!

(Worn in image below left!)

Daring Twist Day
The day time lashes in this set, suitable more for day time are the same criss cross style, however are
 all black and shorter than the Daring Twist night time lashes. They apply easily and still make a
statement during the day in my opinion, however are still completely appropriate.

In my opinion these false lashes are really great quality as they feel pretty strong and I have worn 
them multiple times and they are still in very good condition. I just give them a quick wipe over with 
a makeup wipe after each use to clean them!

(Worn in image above right!)

1000Hour products can be purchased for current RRP $15.99 from Priceline, Woolies, Price Attack,
Chemist Warehouse, Big W, GlamaCo, Hairhouse Warehouse, My Chemist & Terry White!

Do you believe in lots of lashes?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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