Friday, November 11, 2016



Ultimate Base Set - $45.00
I don't own a whole lot of makeup brushes. I purchased some Real Techniques mini brushes a few years ago and loved them and still use them so I knew this was going to also be great quality and no disappoint! First of all I can't express to you enough how nice it is to use a full size makeup brush! They are so smooth and the orange colour on the handles are gorgeous! There is no grip, however I don't feel it is needed.

To put this trio together is a great idea! A face brush, face sponge and round precision brush are probably my three most used tools for applying my makeup!The face brush is perfect for applying foundation and powders. The fine brush hairs are amazingly soft and don't fray or fall out like some cheapies do!

The sponge is a clever shape and gets in all the tricky areas and blends everything out so evenly without leaving any streaks or lines. It also conceals pores nicely when used in a pat pat motion rather than swiping it all around the face. The precision brush I found to be a great shape to get a number of jobs done. It blends eyeshadow out like a boss as well as getting just the right amount of highlight on my cheek bones. I use this mainly for these reasons.

This set also comes with a travel brush purse where you can store your brushes for your makeup bag or to travel with. I personally am not into storing my brushes this way and just find it too fiddly. However I am sure many would find it very useful!

Miracle Sculpting Sponge - $16.99
Rather than just using any old or random shaped makeup sponge to apply your other makeup once your foundation is looking all smooth and flawless. You can use this very different and unique
looking sponge to apply things like highlighter and bronzer with more precision and control.

The curves and flat sides have their very own role to play on our pretty faces. The larger top end is
the perfect shape to get in there for contouring as it is slightly narrower than the orange base sponge
and I have found this works well to let you begin slowly with your basic contour lines by curving the
top end slightly to the top and then using the whole top end shape to buff and blend until I am
satisfied with my sculpting.

Turning the sponge around to the other end where it is smaller you'll find it curved with a flat bottom.
This makes for controlled highlighting curbing the need to overdo it as it is so tempting to do with
those pretty hypnotising shimmers!

Like with any makeup sponge and when using either foundation, concealer, bronzer or highlighter,
this same tip can be done for all. Use slightly damp with product for a dewy complexion or
completely dry for a matte look.

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge - $16.99
You don't want to be fooled into dismissing these little sponges as nothing special because they might
just save the day when you get into a makeup mishap!

I love the fact that there are in face actually two of these instead of just one in the pack because it
means you have a spare if you need it and quite more often then not I need to use both!

This eraser sponges are actually clever little makeup correctors! If I happen to have shadow fall out,
mascara smudging or I've tried too hard to exert my inner Jolie and have overdrawn my lips into
looking more clown than wow, then I can use these to fix up my mistakes with a little swipe or pat
pat here and there.

Each curve and flat edge has it's own little task. The flat side is great for erasing makeup mistakes or
mysterious makeup marks which has suddenly appeared. (Has anyone else ever sneezed immediately
after applying mascara?) Then there is the main round part of the sponge which makes up for about
90% of it which is a nice micro size for blending in those harder to reach and smaller areas of the face
like the eyes and nose. Finally the pointed tip which is said to sweep makeup. Personally I find the
tip works best at giving me a killer sharp outer wing whilst my eyeliner is still wet.

These sponges can also be used dry to pick up excess makeup like powder, eyeshadow, contour
creams and blush and use lightly damp in areas of your face you want for a dewy glow like cheeks
bones and cupids bow.
These and other Real Technique products are available to purchase directly from their official website

How do you apply your makeup?
Are you more into using brushes or sponges?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. I love that basics set! And the original sponge, but now I really want to try the new sponges too!!

  2. I have the Face Expert brush and the Blush brush and want more!! I'm also very keen on learning more about the makeup erasers - especially with winged eyeliner, I need all the help I can get.