Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home Decor Wish List!

When it comes to the space I surround myself in each day I want it to be as beautiful and pretty as possible. This takes a lot of time and effort to stay this way with two little ones running the show! With white being my current favourite hue, it is also the hardest colour to actually stay white! With that said, I refuse the give up on it as my days of bold and brights are over. Time to limit the hot pink and grow up a bit.

If you missed my bedroom makeover post, you can read how I've gotten started here.

And now for the fun part..... My home decor wish list from window shopping online. Not as fun as actually filling up a cart and receiving a mountain load of boxes in the mail, but as close as I'm going to get for the moment.

Let's begin!

White Leather Black Jewel Studded Sofa

White Leather Black Jewel +Piping Lounge Chairs
(Not a perfect match to the sofa, but good enough I say!)

In a fantasy world, I'd want one of these in every room in the house, including the spare toilet room.... something pretty to gaze up at whilst you go about your business perhaps?! :)

Famous Ikea Mirror Black
These are so popular but I just can't help myself, I want one too!
I'm thinking I'd like to put this above my shoe bookshelf.

Somewhere to store my costume jewellery. 
I wish I could say I'd fill it with diamonds, pearls and the like, but I currently only have enough really nice pieces to fill my little Swarovski box hubby gave me for our 3 year wedding anniversary last year. I worked and managed a popular cheap jewellery store some years ago so my collection grew out of control during that time!

I love the little details to be perfect too. This is gorgeous! 
No need to worry about finding the nicest box left in the shop.

Continuing with the finer details... 

Dining room table and chairs.
(Rug not included) ;)

Ideal coffee table with hidden storage compartments! 

I think just about every nail polish addict has at least one of these. They don't come cheap, this one is around $60! But I'd love to hang this on the wall and fill it. :)

Last but not least, something colourful I just couldn't ignore!
I think a pair of hot pink peacock chairs would be perfect for my garden! 
I figure they're outside so won't clash with the rest of my inside plans. :)

See anything on my wish list that you like?
What are you lusting after at the moment? 


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